in the year 2018 our planet is about to be targeted by an alien invasion "presumed to be from the planet mars" with their deadly heatrays and their giant walking tripods. read as our story tells the tale of the war of the worlds, with "jeff wayne's musical version" lines, and the present age version of the "1932's orson welles the war of the worlds broadcast"


note: when i read and watched the war of the worlds i wondered what if i fuse the musical, and orson welles broadcast together with the novel, the war of the worlds is written by h.g wells and the credit goes to him and his novel.

p.s. lightus i hope you'll love my version of the war of the worlds and enjoy and look forward to seeing the next chapter.

Part 1 Coming of the martiansEdit

Chapter 1: The Eve Of The War Edit

George Wells/narrator POV:

No one would've believed, in the middle of the 21st century... that human affairs of this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than ours which inhabited the timeless worlds of universe, yet is mortal as us. No one could've dreamed we were being scrutinized and studied as someone with the microscope that studies organisms that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. With infinite complacency humanity went to and fo about the globe, confident of our empire over this earth. Few men even considered the possibility of life on other planets, yet across the gulf of space, intellects immeasurably superior to ours, vast, cool and unsympathetic regarded this earth with envious eyes... and slowly and surely ... they drew their plans against us.

In the month of july of 2018 mans work continued like every other day, I had a job in new york city as a news journalist and as a journalist I had to write information about the world news, until we had to be prepare for Donald Trump's visit to New York City's parade in a few weeks, but sometimes like any person in this world meet a special someone, like me as I was reunited with a special childhood friend, her name was Carrie Summers. She was a sight to behold, flowing golden hair with blue eyes, a dress like any actress would wear. when we were babies both mine and her parents have been best friends since high school, that's when we had a double family camp together.

Me and Carrie always played together in the forest like we were just two puppies chasing each-other while having fun, as the years go by we grew together from kindergarten to elementary school and collage.

(present day) thats when she walked over me with a greeting "hello George!" She said to me while we try to catch up with our long history, I felt a light feeling in my chest as if my heart was flying in the sky. I took a deep

breath and greeted her like she did "Good afternoon Carrie, how have you been... since collage?" I said to her like a good gentlemen would do to greet a woman. carrie smiled to me as she and I sat on the nearby table "My family have been having issues lately with the bills... but i've gotten myself a job at the beauty pageant a few weeks ago." Carrie replied to me as I was surprised to hear what she told me. I knew its been a very long time that me and Carrie have been reunited for so long that I knew I had still something to ask her since collage "Thats great to hear... but there is something I had to ask you before we graduated from collage if you would accept?"

Carrie nodded "Of course George. You can ask me anything" She said to me with a warm smile. I took a moment to speak "Carrie would you like to come to dinner with me on the 27th at my place?" I asked her, there was pause until she smiled with joy in her eyes "Why of course George I would be delighted to come to dinner with you. Its a date, but um I have to get home to my parents right away." Carrie said to me as she winked at me with a smile on her face until we came across our old science teacher from high school Harold Ogilvy "Hello mr. ogilvy its been a very long time." I said to him as Ogilvy smiled "hello there how are my favorite students doing today?" he asked us as we took a moment to speak "we're about visit Carrie's parents today I was just escorting her right now." we told him "if you need anything just call me?" he replied to us in a kind manner.

As the day finally arrived for my first date with carrie at my house I prepared a dinner especially for both of us and in edition a telescope for us to look into the deep night sky. At 11:30 P.M. Carrie appeared at my doorstep, as I welcomed her inside we sat at the table and we had stake with carrots on the side and we both drank glasses of water, after we finished our plates i gave her a tour around the house and afterwards we went outside where my telescope was already set up. we looked up in the night-skies and there were stars twinkling, there was moment where she spoke "george the dinner is great and your house is very homing." she said to me as i smiled to her as i gave her a peek though my telescope and we saw the moon very close, until an idea came to me... as i remembered that NASA reported that mars would be in close proximity with earth so i asked her if she would like to see mars.

"sure, but would it be alright if i sleepover for the night? it is almost 12:00" she asked me as i nodded yes, while i was trying to locate mars, i spoke to her "carrie... it has been a very long time since we were very little and we be came best friends over the years, but its been very lonely at home since i been away from my parents, until you came back into my life and all the memories of my 3 year old childhood to collage came with it and when im with you i feel happy." i said to her as i put my hand into my pocket, as i got my hand from my pocket i gave her a small box and inside it was a ring, not just any ring... a wedding ring. as i saw a surprised look on her face i asked her "carrie my very best childhood friend will you marry me?" as i asked her i saw her show a big smile on her face and that when she spoke "my answer is yes george." carrie replied as she began hugging me by the side.

its about 12:00 and we took a look at mars with my telescope it was incredible to see the heavens with my fiance carrie and at that very midnight on the 27th of july we looked into my telescope to take a good look at mars until we notice something very strange and unexpected, a small spec of bright green light with huge mass of luminance blue gas appeared close to the planet mars and moving fast towards earth. we immediately called our teacher ogilvy and we hurried to meet him at the Princeton Observatory at Princeton, New Jersey with his friend and colleague named professor Pierson. ogilvy and i immediately called the news and they arrived at 2:30 AM, across 200 million miles of void invisible hurling towards our planet in the first of the missiles which would've brought so much calamity to earth. as dozens of news reporters and live broadcasters entered the observatory, ogilvy himself became somehow surprised of this unexpected event that's even already occurring right now.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Daisy Williams: hi there i'm Daisy Williams.

Sade Barnard: and im Sade Barnard we are here live to bring to you this news... a special bulletin from the ABC7NEWS. At 12:00 AM before 2:30 central time, Professor Pierson and his assistant Professor Ogilvy of the Observatory at Princeton seems to report observing several explosions of incandescent gas, occurring at regular intervals close to the planet Mars. The spectroscope indicates the gas to be hydrogen and moving towards the earth with enormous velocity. Professor Pierson of the Observatory at Princeton confirms ogilvy's observation, and describes the phenomenon as (quote) like a jet of green with blue flame shot from a gun (unquote).

Daisy Williams: wow! that sounds kinda strange. we will be broadcasting live with Charlie Phillips, or commentator, will be interviewing Professor Richard Pierson famous astronomer Live at the Princeton Observatory, New Jersey... Charlie Phillips.

Charlie Phillips: thank you daisy, ladies and gentlemen. as you can see I am standing in a large semi-circular room, pitch black except for an oblong split in the ceiling. Through this opening I can see a sprinkling of stars that cast a kind of frosty glow over the intricate mechanism of the huge telescope. The ticking sound you hear is the vibration of the clockwork. Professor Pierson stands directly above me on a small platform, peering through a giant lens with his assistant and I ask you to be patient, daisy and sade, during any delay that may arise during our interview. Besides his ceaseless watch of the heavens, Professor Pierson may be interrupted by telephone, assassinate or other communications. talking with prof. Ogilvy right next to him which seems to be our journalist and During this period Professor Pierson is in constant touch with the astronomical centers of the world . . . Professor, may I begin our questions?

PIERSON: At any time, Mr. Phillips.

Charlie Phillips: Professor, would you please explain to me exactly what you've seen so far when you observed the planet Mars through your telescope?

PIERSON: Nothing unusual at the moment, but this appears to be unexpected, Mr. Phillips. A red disk swimming in a blue sea. Transverse stripes across the disk. Quite distinct now because Mars happens to be the in close proximity to earth . . . in opposition, as we call it.

Charlie Phillips: In your opinion, what do these explosions signify, Professor Pierson?

PIERSON: possibly meteors, comets or volcanic activity but its unlikely there are any in the area where the explosions occurred, I can assure you, Mr. Phillips, although that's the popular conjecture of those who imagine Mars to be inhabited. From a scientific viewpoint the stripes are merely the result of atmospheric conditions peculiar to the planet, but so far NASA sent many probes and rovers on mars, its become a cold dry desert.

Charlie Phillips: Then you're quite convinced as a scientist that living intelligence as we know it does not exist on Mars?

PIERSON: I'd say the chances against it are a thousand to one. but in my assistant's opinion are a million to one.

Charlie Phillips: And yet how do you account for those gas eruptions occurring close to the planet at regular intervals?

PIERSON: Mr. Phillips, I cannot account for it.

Charlie Phillips: By the way, Professor, for the benefit of our viewers at home, how far is Mars from earth?

PIERSON: Approximately forty million miles.

Charlie Phillips: Well, that seems a safe enough distance.

George Wells/narrator POV:

while prof Pierson was being interview by a fellow friend from work charlie Phillips, i asked Ogilvy permission to look into Pierson's telescope, he accepted my request, i took a look into the telescope i notice how mars looks very larger in view, i offered carrie to take a look into the massive telescope in this large room and as we watched there was another jet of gas, it was another missile... starting its way to earth.ogilvy offered us a room to sleep for the night and we gladly accepted. Morning july 28th saturday 9:30 AM we got up at 9:30 and mr. pierson offered us breakfast, he made us pancakes with grapefruit on the side. while we were eating, pierson talked about last night and how it is interesting to have visitors in his observatory "it seems like you two made a big issue of sleeping at my observatory and making a crowd show up and all." pierson told us in a strict manner "well you see me and Carrie were having diner at my home and i proposed to her for her hand in marriage, i felt it be romantic if we look into my telescope at the stars, we even looked and the moon and mars, but when we notice the strange activity close to mars, i had to call Ogilvy." i informed pierson as we continued speaking, but pierson made a concerned look on his face but as ogilvy walked into the room "Marriage! you asked her to marry her. congratulations my boy, but first i would like to inform you that we made an urgent call to nasa and they will be keep a close watch for any more activity on the planet." ogilvy said to us in confident manner, we sighed, but ogilvy spoke "but in the mean time we'll be on the watch as well... tonight we'll be sure if there are any activity." he said to us, after breakfest i notice theres a group of news reporters and crowds with camreas outside and among the is charlie phillips still reporting. thats how it was for the next 8 days and nights a flare spurting close from the planet mars, bright green drawing a green mist behind it with particles of light blue dust and smoke, a beautiful but some how a very disturbing sight. ogilvy assured me and carrie we were in no danger, perhaps a huge volcanic explosion or a passing by comet was in progress, but he was convinced the could be no living thing on that remote forbidding planet.

The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one he said!

The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one, But still they Come!

George Wells/narrator POV:

then came that very night the first missile approached earth, hundreds saw it but thought it was an oddly falling star or a meteor, some say it traveled with a hissing sound and heard it landed with a green flash with the sound of thunder, a shock-wave was felt all across new jersey with a radius of twenty miles of Princeton.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Charlie Phillips: Just a moment, ladies and gentlemen, someone has just handed Professor Pierson a message. While he reads it, let me remind you that we are reporting live from the observatory in Princeton, New Jersey, where we are interviewing the world- famous astronomer, Professor Pierson . . . One moment, please. Professor Pierson has passed me a message which he has just received . . . Professor, may I read the message to the ABC7 viewers?

PIERSON: Certainly, Mr. Phillips

Charlie Phillips: Daisy and Sade I shall read you and our viewers a wire addressed to Professor Pierson from Dr. Gray of the National History Museum, New York. um Daisy, Sade it seems that it says here, "10:15 P. M. eastern standard time. Seismograph registered shock of almost earthquake intensity occurring within a radius of twenty miles of Princeton. Please investigate. Signed, Lloyd Gray, Chief of Astronomical Division" . . . Professor Pierson, could this occurrence possibly have something to do with the disturbances observed beside the red planet Mars?

PIERSON: Hardly, Mr. Phillips. This is probably a meteorite of unusual size and its arrival at this particular time is merely a coincidence. However, we shall conduct a search party, as soon as daylight permits.

Charlie Phillips: Thank you, Professor. Ladies and gentlemen, for the past ten minutes we've been speaking to you from the observatory at Princeton, bringing you a special interview with Professor Pierson, noted astronomer. This is Carl Phillips speaking. We are returning you now to our ABC7 NEWS Studio, back you Daisy.

Daisy Williams: thank you charlie and we do have multiple reports in both new york and new jersey that they indeed felt an earthquake.

Sade Barnard: yes Daisy and we also got reports of sightings of a green meteor from the sky and we will be back after these commercials.

Date: August 6th 2018

George Wells/narrator POV:

my teacher ogilvy and I searched on foot for the meteor in the early morning till we had a phone call from a farmer in a neighborhood at wilmuth's farm saying there was a landing on his farm, we just assumed it was parachute diving, however next day we arrived at the scene where the landing was reported and in the farm there was a huge crater in the middle wilmuths farm grovers mill and ogilvy and i came to examined what laid there. A cylinder, thirty yards across, glowing hot and with faint sounds of movement coming from within. suddenly the top began moving, rotating, unscrewing and ogilvy feared there was a man inside trying to escape, he rushed to the cylinder but the intense heat stopped him before he could burn himself on the still glowing metal.

The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one he said!

The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one, But still they Come! YES! The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one he said!

The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one, But still...

They Come!

George Wells/narrator POV:

that afternoon i went to new york to see carrie and her parents at her apartment, but it seems totally incredible to be now that everyone spent that evening as if were just like any other. from the highways were the sound of cars honking and rumbling soften into melody by the distance and it all seem so safe in tranquility. when i arrived at their apartment carrie was waiting for me at the door "george you arrived, i heard from Mr. Ogilvy that you found a meteor today." she told me in a nervous voice. "well you look nervous is something going on?" i asked her with worry, she gave me depressed look as if she were in trouble "its my mother... she had just passed away." she told me as her eye were forming tears of sadness of a loss. i started holding carrie in my arms embracing her with comfort. afterwards i meet her father and did my best to comfort the family of their loss, they informed me that there will be funeral that will be arrange in a week.

Chapter 2: Grovers Mill And The Heat RayEdit

Date: august 7th 2018

George Wells/narrator POV:

next morning i had a phone call from ogilvy that there is a gathering of people arriving at wilmuths farm in grovers mill, i got dressed as fast as i can and made my way over to where the crowd may be going.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Daisy Williams: good morning everybody im Daisy Williams...

Sade Barnard: and im sade barnard and here we have with us is the latest bulletin from the Intercontinental Radio News. Toronto, Canada: Professor Morse of McGill University and NASA Officials reported sighting of a total of three explosions close to the planet Mars, between the hours of 7:45 P. M. and 10:20 P. M., eastern standard time. This confirms earlier reports received from American observatories.

Daisy Williams: Now thats intersting, and nearer home, comes a special report from Trenton, New Jersey. It is said that yesterday at 8:50 A. M. a huge, flaming object, believed to be a meteorite, fell on a farm in the neighborhood of Grovers Mill, New Jersey, twenty-two miles from Trenton. The flash in the sky was visible within a radius of several hundred miles and the noise of the impact was heard as far north as Elizabeth. We have dispatched a special mobile unit to the scene, and will have our commentator, Carl Phillips, reporting LIVE at the farm of grovers mill after these commercials.

George Wells/narrator POV:

as i was on my way to grovers mill i suddenly notice news and army helicopters hovering towards the destination im reaching and i notice people walking and driving towards grovers mill, i was surprised that ogilvy was right... there were indeed people gathering at grovers mill. i ran to the landing site of where the cylinder appeared but i grew tired and exhausted due to running, but there was a lot of commotion going on at grovers mill and i have get there as fast as possible but then i notice a few police cars driving towards the site and there were groups of people carrying posters and welcome signs in order to celebrate and welcome the arrival of the cylinder that landed.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Daisy Williams: we are back and we are taking you live to grovers mill as Charlie Phillips will be reporting in the scene with professor pierson.

Charlie Phillips: thank you daisy and sade, this is Charlie Phillips again, at the Wilmuth farm, Grovers Mill, New Jersey. Professor Pierson and myself made the eleven miles from Princeton in ten minutes. Well, I . . . I hardly know where to begin, and as you can see before your eyes, its like something out of a modern "Arabian Nights." Well, I just got here. I haven't had a chance to look around yet. I guess that's it. Yes, I guess that's the . . . thing, directly in front of me, half buried in a vast pit. Must have struck with terrific force. The ground is covered with splinters of a tree it must have struck on its way down. What I can see of the . . . object itself doesn't look very much like a meteor, It looks more like a huge cylinder. It has a diameter of . . . what would you say, Professor Pierson?

PIERSON (OFF-MIKE): What's that?

Charlie Phillips: What would you say . . . what is the diameter?

PIERSON: About thirty yards.

Charlie Phillips: About thirty yards . . . The metal on the sheath is . . . well, I've never seen anything like it. The color is sort of yellowish-white. Curious spectators now are pressing close to the object in spite of the efforts of the police to keep them back and it appears that among the spectators are groups of people with signs and welcome to earth posters, its as if they think the cylinder is some sort of spacecraft. They're getting in front of my line of vision. Would you mind standing to one side, please? any way we'll be interviewing Mr. Wilmuth, owner of the farm here. He may have some interesting facts to add . . . Mr. Wilmuth, would you please tell our television viewers at home as much as you remember of this rather unusual visitor that dropped in your backyard? Step closer, please. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mr. Wilmuth.

WILMUTH: Well, I was watching my T.V.

Charlie Phillips: Closer and louder please.

WILMUTH: Pardon me! Charlie Phillips: Louder, please, and closer.

WILMUTH: Yes, sir -- while I was watching my T.V. and kinda drowsin', that Professor fellow was talkin' about Mars, so I was half dozin' and half . . .

Charlie Phillips: Yes, yes, Mr. Wilmuth. Then what happened?

WILMUTH: As I was sayin', I was watching my T.V. kinda halfways . . .

Charlie Phillips: Yes, Mr. Wilmuth, and then you saw something?

WILMUTH: Not first off. I heard something.

Charlie Phillips: And what did you hear?

WILMUTH: A hissing sound. Like this: sssssss . . . kinda like a fourt' of July rocket.

Charlie Phillips: Then what?

WILMUTH: Turned my head out the window and would have swore I was to sleep and dreamin.'

Charlie Phillips: Yes?

WILMUTH: I seen a kinda greenish streak and then zingo! Somethin' smacked the ground. Knocked me clear out of my chair and it felt like an earthquake started!

Charlie Phillips: Well, were you frightened, Mr. Wilmuth?

WILMUTH: Well, I -- I ain't quite sure. I reckon I -- I was kinda riled.

Charlie Phillips: Thank you, Mr. Wilmuth. Thank you.

WILMUTH: Want me to tell you some more?

Charlie Phillips: No . . . That's quite all right, that's plenty. there you have it thats our interview with Mr. Wilmuth, owner of the farm where this thing has fallen. here you can see... the atmosphere . . . the background of this . . . fantastic scene. Hundreds of cars are parked in a field in back of us. Police are trying to rope off the roadway leading to the farm. But it's no use. They're breaking right through. Cars' headlights throw an enormous spot on the pit where the object's half buried. Some of the more daring souls are now venturing near the edge and there seems to be more fanatics who have come to welcome our visitor. Their silhouettes stand out against the metal sheen.

Sade Barnard: um charlie sorry to interrupt but we have a helicopter arriving at the scene so we'll be having a skywatch live on stream video online, be sure to watch on youtube live and our facebook page and our viewers will be watching this extraordinary scene live online, back to you charlie.

Charlie Phillips: thanks Sade but im afraid theres more commotion going at the scene, It seems like one man wants to touch the cylinder, but he's having an argument with a policeman. The two policeman are able to keep him back . . . . Now wait a second, there's something I haven't mentioned in all this excitement, but now it's becoming more distinct. Perhaps you've caught it already.

Sade Barnard: wait charlie you say that you hear something but we can't hear anything can you get closer so we can hear?

Charlie Phillips: Do you hear it now guys?

Daisy Williams: a little, but what can you describe what we're hearing?

Charlie Phillips: well daisy it might be a curious humming sound that seems to come from inside the object. I'll move the microphone nearer. (PAUSE) Now we're not more then twenty-five feet away. Can you hear it now?

Daisy Williams: yes! yes! we can hear it.

Sade Barnard: yeah loud and clear charlie.

Charlie Phillips: good and Oh , Professor Pierson!

PIERSON: Yes, Mr. Phillips?

Charlie Phillips: Can you tell us the meaning of that scraping noise inside the thing?

PIERSON: Possibly the unequal cooling of its surface.

Charlie Phillips: I see, do you still think it's a meteor, Professor?

PIERSON: I don't know what to think. The metal casing is definitely extraterrestrial . . . not found on this earth. Friction with the earth's atmosphere usually tears holes in a meteorite. This thing is smooth and, as you can see, of cylindrical shape.

Charlie Phillips: Just a minute! Something's happening!

Daisy Williams: what's happening Charlie?

Charlie Phillips: Daisy, Sade this is terrific! This end of the thing is beginning to flake off! The top is beginning to rotate like a screw! The thing must be hollow!

George Wells/narrator POV:

the crowd's of fanatics, spectators and cars gather around the farm, hypnotised by the unscrewing of the cylinder, people were urgeing to get closer to the cylinder "She's movin'! Look, the darn thing's unscrewing!" on person said until the police man starts ordering his men to keep em back "Keep those idiots back! Keep them back!" shouted the police man while they keept the crowd back, it was like shopping rush with a mass of people. two feet of shining screwing projected when suddenly... the lid fell off.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

PHILLIPS: Daisy, Sade, this is the most terrifying thing I have ever witnessed the cylinder opened but theres a moment of silence in the crowd but . . . Wait a minute! Someone's crawling out of the hollow top. Someone or . . . something. I can see peering out of that black hole two luminous disks . . are they eyes? It might be a face. It might be . . . oh my.

George Wells/narrator POV:

Two luminous disc like eyes appeared above the rim, a huge rounded bulk larger than a bear rose up slowly glistening like wet leather. its lip-less mouth quiver and slattern and snake like tentacles rive as the clumsy body heaved and pulsating.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Charlie Phillips: Good heavens um Sade as you can see, something's wriggling out of the shadow like a gray snake. Now it's another one, and another. They look like tentacles to me. There, I can see the thing's body. It's large, large as a bear and it glistens like wet leather. But that face, it . . . Ladies and gentlemen, it's indescribable. I can hardly force myself to keep looking at it. The eyes are black and gleam like a serpent. The mouth is V-shaped with saliva dripping from its rimless lips that seem to quiver and pulsate. The monster or whatever it is can hardly move. It seems weighed down by . . . possibly gravity or something. The thing's raising up. The crowd falls back now. They've seen plenty. This is the most extraordinary experience. I can't find words . . . the camera man and i need some place to see I'll bring this microphone with me as I talk. I'll have to stop here until I can take a new position. Hold on, will you please, I'll be right back in a minute back to you Daisy.

Daisy Williams: um okay... now we'll be back with Charlie Phillips as soon as we can but before that we have reports from NASA that the curiosity rover is on hold, due to the recent events occoring, but also report there are explosions and jets of green mist close to the planet, but are still searching the surface of the planet for eruptions.

George Wells/narrator POV:

as the crowd stared in awe of this disturbing sight of our alien visitor, the crowd suddenly stepped back, until i suddenly notice a familiar face on my right side of the crowd, i saw it was one of my next door neighbors, as he stared at the creature on top of the rim, he mumbled to himself "Good Lord... what an ugly brute!" he said until i notice there were a group of people talking and among them were my teacher ogilvy, prof. pierson and charlie phillips. as walked towards them i caught their attention and started asking them questions until we were interrupted by the police man whom appeared to be the captian. until he began conferring with us, with a way to communicate with our visitor, its a simple one... a small flag post with a white handkerchief attached to it, in other words... the flag of truce.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Charlie Phillips: (Am I on?). Ladies and gentlemen as you can see I am at the back of a stone wall that adjoins Mr. Wilmuth's garden. From here I get a sweep of the whole scene. I'll show you the scene as long as I can talk. As long as I can see. More state police have arrived They're drawing up a cordon in front of the pit, about thirty of them. No need to push the crowd back now. They're willing to keep their distance. The captain is conferring with someone with a few others. We can't quite see who. Oh yes, I believe it's Professor Pierson and next to him is one of our journalists. Yes, it is. Now the group parted with the two. The Professor moves around one side with the journalist, studying the object, while the captain, two policemen and pierson's assistant advance with something in their hands. I can see it now. It's a white handkerchief tied to a pole, thats the flag of truce.

Sade Barnard: ah yes! the flag of truce.

Daisy Williams: yeah flag of truce, very touching.

Charlie Phillips: If those creatures know what that means . . . what anything means!. . . Wait! Something's happening!


George Wells/narrator POV:

ogilvy and a few policmen crept closer to the pit, a tall funnel rose, then an invisible ray of heat leapt from man to man.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Charlie Phillips: A humped shape is rising out of the pit. I can make out a small beam of light against a mirror. What's that? There's a jet of flame springing from the mirror, and it leaps right at the advancing men. It strikes them head on! Good Lord, they're turning into flame.

George Wells/narrator POV:

then it was bright glare as each was instantly turn to fire, even the cars were targets. every tree and bush became a massive flames at the touch of this savage, unearthly. . . heat ray.


[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Charlie Phillips: Now the whole field's caught fire. (EXPLOSION) The woods . . . the barns . . . the gas tanks of automobiles . . . it's spreading everywhere. WHOA It's coming this way. About twenty yards to my right . . .


Daisy Williams: Charlie . . . Charlie . . . okay um Sade could you ask someone to call Charlie back?

Sade Barnard: yeah okay!

Daisy Williams: sorry everyone due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to continue the broadcast from Grovers Mill. Evidently there's some technical difficulty with our field transmission and television feeds. However, we will return to that point at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime, we have a late bulletin from San Diego, California. Professor Indellkoffer, speaking at a dinner of the California Astronomical Society, expressed the opinion that the explosions on Mars are nothing more than severe volcanic disturbances on the surface of the planet, but officials from NASA say that the Curiosity is searching on the surface of the planet for any sign of activity of the erutions from mars.

Sade Barnard: um Daisy this just got on my table that say the skylive's down?

Daisy Williams: you mean the feeds down?

Sade Barnard: no um not the feed. . . the helicopter

{meanwhile at grovers mill}

George Wells/narrator POV:

herds of people crawled and scrambled their way off the farm and i ran too, i felt like i was being toyed with, but when i was on the verge of safety this mysterious death would leap after me and strike me down, but at last i reached Rabbit Hill and i looks with astonishment of the tranquility of the scene, yet once inside in the dim coolness of my home i immediately made a phone call to my fiance carrie. i took a few seconds to wait for her to respond until i heard her voice. "{hello}" carrie ask while speaking from the phone "{carrie its me george}" i replied to her with fear in my voice "{george oh my goddness are you alright... i saw the news today that there was a fire at the landing site where you and mr. ogilvy found that meteor.}" she said to me as if she were worried about me "carrie listen to me you have to remain in new york, you'll be safe there with your father. . . alright and i will come by to your place by morning. understand?" i told her, untill she replied to me "i understand me and my father will be waiting." after the phone call ended, i wrote and account for my newspaper till i sank into a restless haunted sleep.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Sade Barnard: good morning everyone i'm Sade Barnard, I have just been handed a message that came in from Grovers Mill by Iphone along with some shocking images taken at the sight. Just a moment Daisy this was just sent to me, that at least forty people, including six state troopers lie dead in a field east of the village of Grovers Mill, their bodies burned and distorted beyond all possible recognition. here we are going to give you a live message from General Gustave F. Perna, commander of the U.S. Army Materiel Command at Trenton, New Jersey.

Gustave F. Perna: I have been requested by the governor of New Jersey to place the counties of Mercer and Middlesex as far west as Princeton, and east to Jamesburg, under martial law. No one will be permitted to enter this area except by special pass issued by state or military authorities. Four companies of state militia are proceeding from Trenton to Grovers Mill, and will aid in the evacuation of homes within the range of military operations. Thank you.

Date: august 8th

George Wells/narrator POV:

i woke to alien sounds of hammering from the pit and hurried to new york to buy the paper. along the way i notice people packing their things and valubles in suitcases and boxs, until i notice a few solders coming and going as always to escourt the evacuateing civillians from their neighborhood houses and suburban areas. i finally arrived at new york city and i came by the subways to buy my news paper.

(News Boys: Morning Paper, men from MARS! Men from MARS!)

George Wells/narrator POV:

news boys explained that one or two adventurous people have crawled near the invaders in the middle of the night... and haven't returned. but as the news of jets of gas close to the red planet was mentioned, the visitors get a name... the battle against the martians has begun. as i came by carries house i informed her of the death of our beloved teacher... ogilvy. carrie then informed me that her uncle is joining the alliance against the invaders of mars. yet around me the daily routine of life working, eating, and sleeping was continueing sueingly as it had for countless years.  on grovers mill the martians continued hammering and stiring. sleepless, indefatigable, on work of the machines they were making, now appeared a light like the beam of a warship searchlight swept the farm and the heat ray was ready to follow.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Sade Barnard: --further details of the catastrophe at Grovers Mill are coming in. The strange creatures after unleashing their deadly assault, crawled back into their pit and made no attempt to prevent the efforts of the firemen to recover the bodies and extinguish the fire. Combined fire departments of Mercer County are fighting the flames which menace the entire countryside. We have been unable to establish any contact with our mobile unit at Grovers Mill, but we hope to be able to return you there at the earliest possible moment. In the meantime we take you.

Daisy Williams: excuse me Sade just one moment please. this just came on my desk . . . it reads that we have finally established communication with an eyewitness of the tragedy. Professor Pierson has been located at a farmhouse near Grovers Mill where he has established an emergency observation post. As a scientist, he will give you his explanation of the calamity. The voice you'll hear will be that of Professor Pierson, brought to you by direct wire. Professor Pierson.

PIERSON: *Of the creatures in the rocket cylinder at Grovers Mill, I can give you no authoritative information -- either as to their nature, their origin, or their purposes here on earth Of their destructive instrument I might venture some conjectural explanation. For want of a better term, I shall refer to the mysterious weapon as a heat ray. It's all too evident that these creatures have scientific knowledge far in advance of our own. It is my guess that in some way they are able to generate an intense heat in a chamber of practically absolute nonconductivity. This intense heat they project in a parallel beam against any object they choose, by means of a polished parabolic mirror of unknown composition, much as the mirror of a lighthouse projects a beam of light. That is my conjecture of the origin of the heat ray . . .*

Daisy Williams: Thank you, Professor Pierson. . . Sade you were saying?

Sade Barnard: oh yes! Ladies and gentlemen, here's our recent report from Trenton. It is a brief statement informing us that the charred body of Charlie Phillips has been identified in a Trenton hospital. Now here's another bulletin from Washington, D.C. Office of the director of the National Red Cross reports ten units of Red Cross emergency workers have been assigned to the headquarters of the state militia stationed outside Grovers Mill, New Jersey. Here's a bulletin from state police, Princeton Junction: The fires at Grovers Mill and vicinity are now under control. Scouts report all quiet in the pit, and no sign of life appearing from the mouth of the cylinder . . . And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a special statement from Mr. Mike Pence, vice- president in charge of operations.

Mike Pence: We have received a request from the militia at Trenton to place at their disposal our entire television news broadcasting facilities. In view of the gravity of the situation, and believing that television NEWS has a responsibility to serve in the public interest at all times, we are turning over our facilities to the state militia at Trenton.

George Wells/narrator POV:

in the afternoon a company of solders from the state militia came though and are pressing on to grovers mill where the cylinder had landed, then they deployed along the edge of wilmuth's farm to form a cordon. as i sat in my living room, i felt my chest pounding and my head starts to sweat . . . its as if i was like in the battlefield waiting for the enemy to make their move. i went upstairs to write in my journal, even though i am a journalist, but this is my journal of my personal life. next to my desk are photographs of my friends and my childhood lover carrie, but as i took a look at the time on my watch. . . something very odd happend, my watch paused as if it were a stand-still. then i felt that the horror . . . is about to begin.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Daisy Williams: Good evening everyone, we are ready to bring you LIVE to the field headquarters of the state militia near Grovers Mill, New Jersey.

CAPTAIN: This is Captain sandings of the signal corps, attached to the state militia now engaged in military operations in the vicinity of Grovers Mill. Situation arising from the reported presence of certain individuals of unidentified nature is now under complete control. The cylinder which lies in a pit directly below our forces, we surrounded it on all sides by eight battalions of infantry. with our tanks and adequately being armed with rifles and machine guns. The martians or, whatever they are, do not seem to be appearing above the pit. I can see their hiding place plainly in the glare of the searchlights here. With all their reported resources, these creatures can scarcely stand up against heavy machine-gun fire. Anyway, it's an interesting outing for the troops. I can make out their khaki uniforms, crossing back and forth in front of the lights. It looks almost like a war. There appears to be some slight smoke in the woods bordering the Millstone River.Probably by campers. Well, we ought to see some action soon. As you can see one of the companies is deploying on the left flank. An quick thrust and it will all be over. Now wait a minute! I see something on top of the cylinder. No, it's only a shadow. Now the troops are on the edge of the Wilmuth farm. Seven thousand armed men closing in on an old metal tube. Wait, that wasn't a shadow! It's some(static) moving . . . so(static)tal . . . kind of shield-(static) rising up out of the cy(static) . . . It's going higher and higher. Wh(static) standing on legs . . . actually (static) up on (static) of met(static). N(static) reaching above the trees (static) searchlights are (static interference)!

George Wells/narrator POV:

that evening there was a violent clash and i realized with horror that my home was now with in range with the martians heat-ray. i immediately took my journals and went downstairs. i heard people screaming and shouting, i even heard sounds of gunshots firing, tanks blasting, then i felt heavy shakes from my feet on the ground, i saw random colors of purple, blue, green and white light flashing from my window. the glass shattered as i taken shelter in my pantry under the stairs and hid there. it felt like two hours since i hid, i crept our the pantry door and saw there were window glass shades on the living-room floor, i even went upstairs to check the damage had been caused and i was in for a shock, there were parts of my house that were wrecked there even was a tank that appeared as if it were tossed over here. at dawn a falling star with a trail of green mist landed with a flash like summer lightning, this was the second cylinder.

Chapter 3:  War Begins / Meeting Jeffery Flint The Artillaryman

Date: august 9th 2018

George Wells/narrator POV:

it nearly becomes morning, the sounds of guns grew low, and the sounds of engines and machine sounds start to bother my ears. i found my ear-muffs i kept in the living room table-drawer, when i put them on i took a look into the window and find that a few dozen bodies of burn solders and wounded naighbors laying on the ground. most of the entire naighborhood was nearly in ruins, i kept a close look for the source of the loud machine noises, until caught the sights . . . of a horror that filled me with dred, of what they are doing to the dead and wounded bodies of people who remained on the ground. morning finally arrives and as my watch started working again i took a look at the time and it was 6:30 A.M. but it seemed almost like a slience but there were only a small amount of guns pounding in the distance. i carefully took a peek in the window, but this had givin me an alarming, confusing and very shocking sight. . . everything . . . was gone. every car, every shell, every shot in battle, every piece of metal and everyone of the dead and wounded. my naighbors were taken, their bodies were stolen, but for what? for food? fuel? or slaves? but whatever happend to them i only learned of whatever was at work here, but this might be why those monsterous creatures are here for. . . they came for our planet, or worse they came. . . for us? i knew i had to warn carrie of what happened but i had to use my iphone to contact her. then i made a call to ABC7 news where i work at, and informed them of my experience of the horror i saw.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Daisy Williams: good morning everyone This is ABC7 News, im Daisy Williams.

Sade Barnard: and im Sade Barnard, it been nearly several hours since yesterdays power-surge last night and due to the techincal difficaulties we have here --

Daisy Williams: wait a minute Sade this an ugent story just came on my desk just now . . . oh my um it appearse that I have a grave announcement. Incredible as it may seem, both the observations of science and the evidence of our eyes lead to the inescapable assumption that those strange beings who landed in the Jersey farmlands tonight are the vanguard of an invading army from the planet Mars maybe underway.

Sade Barnard: what, oh boy i wonder how this will effect the parade and the president's visit to new york.

Daisy Williams: yeah i better call my husband and kids to take shelter. . .

Sade Barnard: wait a minute Daisy it seems we have a an urgent iphone call from an eyewitness at Rabbit hill in new jersey, it seems he has info and proof of an alien attack at his hometown. so the live footage on screen you see will be that of our journalist named George Wells of Rabbit hill, new jersey. at the scene of the tragity he will share with us of what he had seen. 

George Wells: thank you guys, now im standing outside my house, but it seems that theres a lot of damage on the streets and theres almost a certian amount of damage, as you can see it seems like a tornado hit this naighborhood and left a lot of ruble and a few dozen burned houses, but as for last night it seems the battle at grovers mill seemed to have been destroyed by the invaders of mars.

Daisy Williams: yes and how did you know that its the invaders, were you awake when this happen?

George Wells: well due to the loud noises of shreading and machine sounds it kept me up all night and i hid in my pantry when the attack started, but at the time my watch on my rist just stopped which problaby by the activity of the martians, but when i came out and looked outside i saw herds of what looked like bugs with armor and they were like moving in the streets but it was hard to see due to how dark it was outside.

Sade Barnard: wait you say there were machine sounds what kind of machines and what were they doing, can you describe what you've witnessed?

George Wells: well i assumed they were passing across the streets like scouting for any survivors, but they were sweaping on the bodies of my naighbors and possibly surviving solders running from the alien attackers. but when morning came, i looked out the window and every thing was gone, the shells, shots, cars, tanks, every piece and scrap of metal and the there were no dead bodies . . . every naighbor i knew in town and all the dead and wounded solder that fallen . . . disapeared . . . vanished.

Daisy Williams: what they just vanished, just what happend to them, what do you think those creatures are here for?

George Wells: what ever happend to them and why they were missing might be some kind of grave robbing or some form of harvesting, but what ever reason those things came here for, we have to warn the other cities and towns to evacuate now and fast.

Daisy Williams: thank you George for informing us of this horrific tragity we will be announcing a full evacuation of new jearsy.

Sade Barnard: yeah this is seems to be a shock, but we have yet another story coming in. it seems a message just came in from a group a few survivors in grovers mill in which the battle took place last night. it seem the battle at Grovers Mill has ended in one of the most startling defeats ever suffered by any army since WWI and WWII; seven thousand men armed with rifles, machine guns and tanks pitted against a single fighting machine of the invaders from Mars. there were twenty known survivors. The rest strewn over the battle area from Grovers Mill to Plainsboro and Rabbit Hill, crushed and trampled to death under the metal feet of the monster, or burned to cinders by its heat ray, but dude to the reports givin to us by our journalist George Wells it seems the dead and wounded had been taken to the landing site of the martians. The monster is now in control of the middle section of New Jersey and has effectively cut the state through its center. Communication lines are down from Pennsylvania to the Atlantic Ocean. Railroad tracks are torn and service from New York to Philadelphia discontinued except routing some of the trains through Allentown and Phoenixville. Highways to the north, south, and west are clogged with frantic human traffic. Police and army reserves are unable to control the mad flight. By morning the fugitives will have swelled Philadelphia, Camden, and Trenton, it is estimated, to twice their normal population. At this time martial law prevails throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. We take you now to Washington for a special live feed on the National Emergency . . . ladies and gentalmen president of the president of the united states donald trump  . . .

Donald Trump: my fellow americans, a historic, unpresidented event has occored, the question of if we were't alone in the universe has been answer and i asure you that I shall not try to conceal the gravity of the situation that confronts the country or our planet, nor the concern of your governments in protecting the lives of others and property of its citezens. however this formidable enemy is still confined to a comparatively small area, and we may place our faith in the military forces to keep them there. if the time comes we will be asking the assistance of many contries and nations across the globe. In the meantime placing our faith in God we must continue the performance of our duties each and every one of us, so that we may confront this destructive adversary with a nation united, courageous, and consecrated to the preservation of human supremacy on this earth. my god forgive us and protect us. if you feel the need to leave your homes, please do so in an orderly fasioned. i thank you.

George Wells/narrator POV:

after hearing the news on televison, i heard more hammering from the pit and the pounding of guns grew silent after the attack on grovers mill and on my hometown. but that was when i heard sounds of someone creeping into the house, i peaked through downstairs in order to see what came inside my home. i quietly tip toed down the stairs in order to be as quiet as a mouse, until i heard sounds of my refrigerator door opening. then i peeked into the kitchen door and i saw it was a young artillery man . . . he was weary, with dirt on his clothing. i secretly looked outside on my front doorstep and was still nothing, no dead bodies or any piece of metal anywhere, but blood and dirt on the streets. until i steped on a large piece of glass that was on the floor during the attack on rabbit hill. this starteled the artilleryman and started to make a stance, then pointed a shotgun at me across the house "Freeze right there, who are you and is there anyone else here?" he shouted in a demanding voice, i took a deep breath and spoke "my name's george wells, im a journalist and i live here." i said to him as he lowerd his gun and began walking towards me "a journalist eh, so you live here eh, i asumed that all the people in this town are already dead, sorry for the intrusion . . . i'll be going." he said to me as he went outside my front door, but if can invite him into my house and do an interview on him and what happened in the battle field. " wait! you can come in if you like, its been too quiet living alone like this but i sure like to have visitors. would you like to come inside?" i asked him with aproval. . . he turned to face me and nodded willingly, then walked into my house. i went to the kitchen and filled a glass cup with water "here drink some water, you really need some H2o in your system." i said to him as i offered the glass of water to him and in order to make him more comfortable i offered him a seat on one of my chairs. as he drank the water i started to speak to him "introductions are in order, i told you my name, i guess its your turn to introduce yourself?" i informed him and he nodded "names flint. . . jeffery flint thank you?" he said to me as i stared at him in a curious way. i took the time to wait as he drinks the glass of water i gave him and i asked him "so jeffery how did you get all the way here from grovers mill? what just happend?" i asked him as i prepaired my notepad and mechanical pencil for his story, as he put the glass on the table he spoke "we were on grovers mill and prepaired for the battle... they attacked us, they wiped us out . . . hundreds dead, maybe thousands?" he said to me in a worried voice "you mean the heat-ray?" i asked him, till he shook his head "not just the heat-ray . . . the martians! they were inside the hoods of machines they made, they were massive metal things on legs . . . giant machines that can walk. they attacked us... they wiped us out!" flint said to me as i was surprised of what he just told me "Wait did you say machines?" i asked him with confusion, if it was the machines at dawn or something else. he nodded me till i told him what i saw at dawn "you mean the machines that were gathering the bodies at last night. his eyes widened of what i asked him, until he shook his head "not those kinds of machines i ment fighting machines, they were setting fire to everything in sight and picking up men and bashing em ageinst trees just hunks of metal, but most of our armory didn't hit em, its like they have a shield on their armor or around them before we can do damage to them and they knew exactly what they were doing!" he said to me as he continued talking "why do you think that there are machines that are gathering bodies?" he asked me in a curious way, i took a moment to speak "you see when my naighborhood was attacked I think I saw herds of machines that resembles some form of insects, then i heard them making loud sounds as they moved across the bodies of dead and wounded, but it was hard to see since it was so dark, when daylight came I saw that everything was . . . gone, no bodies, no metal, no shells nothing . . . all the bodies just vanished." I said to him as I told my story and experience of the horror i saw. jeffery flint sat there, he frozed of what i told him "good god! so your tell me that my fallen brothers were taken, but for what?" he asked me as i paused as i took a moment of what was about to say to him "whatever the reason, they could be enslaving em, they could be using them for food, or they could be using them for fuel? but why the martians are invading earth is that they could be here for us, for our planet or both." i said to him as he stood up and shouted "WHAT, if your say is true . . . I . . . have to warn the  remaining forces of the attack." he said with worry as if its the apocalipse. I start trying to calm him and inform him that i called the ABC7 news about the attack on rabbit hill and grovers mill. "its alright i already called the ABC7 news about the tragity and they will be evacuating." I informed him as he sat down on the chair with relife. as we continued to talked about the battle, he showed me something, it was a diary he had in his chest pocket on his army suit. It contained information of the battle at grovers mill, I asked him if i could look into it and accepted my permission. As i opened the cover of the diary i started to look into, the things he wrote in his diary where not just the about the battle at grovers mill, it was filled with how he survived and how he got to grovers mill, but along with his writtings were scetches of the machines he saw in the battle. The diary reads:

Date:8/8/2018 Date:8/9/2018

it was cloudy at grovers mill when we arrived at the scene where those hidious beasts landed, many of us were prepairing for the attack. but as we got close to the edge, towering shapes emerged from the cylinders, but they wern't creatures they were machines. I whisper to god for protection, but in responce . . . our artillery exploded to life. many of our weapons started fireing every shot we have, even our canons. we could'nt hold em, our lives are being torn apart, burned alive, our weapons are like toys ageinst them. we have to retreat! 


George Wells/narrator POV:

As I read his diary, this came a shocking surprise to me, but as for the green star of green mist, I have to ask where it landed "The cylinder that came last night . . . where did it land?" I asked as he gave me a concerned stare "I think it landed in the south, but its hard to tell if the compasses were working" Flint said to me.   I became silent as i heard this, but how can a compass not even work? "can i look at your compass?" I asked him as he nodded and starts handing his compass to me, but something surprised me, the needle isn't pointing north. as I looked at the arrow of the compass it appeared to be pointing where grovers mill is at. he and I were surprised "its pointing at grovers mill where the cylinder landed?" I said to you Flint as he amazed of what was going on with his compass.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Daisy Williams:  Now that you heard the president of the united states at from the white house at Washington D.C. We are just informed that the central portion of New Jersey is blacked out from television to radio communication due to the effect of the heat ray and martian activity upon power lines and electrical equipment.

Sade Barnard: well if you think thats bad here is a special bulletin from New York. Cables received from the UK, Russia, Europe, Germany, Japan and China that they will be assisting the united states for the war-front againts the invaders.

Daisy Williams: speaking of our attakers, astronomers report continued gas outbursts at regular intervals close to planet Mars, but nasa scientists are unable to explain the cause of this activity. Majority voice opinion that enemy will be reinforced by additional rocket machines. but attempts made to locate Professor Pierson of Princeton, who has observed Martians at close range. due to comunications with him have been cut by the attackers from mars, or It is feared he was lost in recent battle.

Sade Barnard: hold on a miniute daisy, it seems that Langham Field, Virginia: Scouting planes report three Martian machines visible above treetops and along with a mass of smaller machines, moving north towards Somerville with population fleeing ahead of them. Heat ray not in use; although advancing at express-train speed, invaders pick their way carefully. They seem to be making conscious effort to avoid destruction of cities and countryside. However, they stop to uproot power lines, bridges, and railroad tracks. Their apparent objective is to crush resistance, paralyze communication, and disorganize human society.

Daisy Williams: oh boy thats um wait a minute this just came on my desk here it seem like a bulletin from Basking Ridge, New Jersey: Coon hunters have stumbled on a second cylinder similar to the first embedded in the great swamp twenty miles south of Morristown. Army fieldpieces are proceeding from Newark to blow up second invading unit before cylinder can be opened and the fighting machine rigged. They are taking up position in the -- foothills of Watchung Mountains. Another bulletin from Langham Field, Virginia: Scouting planes report enemy machines, now three in number, increasing speed northward kicking over houses and trees in their evident haste to form a conjunction with their allies south of Morristown. Machines also sighted by telephone operator east of Middlesex within ten miles of Plainfield.

George Wells/narrator POV:

me and jeffery flint were surpised after hearing this news, but thankfully humanity is moblelizing but as for the landing site of the second cylinder in morristown, we understood where the second cylinder had landed "so thats where the second one had landed." he said, until a flash of light came like summer lightning and another green falling star landed in the far distance, I knew that it was a third cylinder. Until i notice that the artilleryman stared in shock as he stood there next to me. "Is there something that is worrying you?" i asked him as he nodded "yes, its that third cylinder, it looks like its in bound for new york." he said to me as my eyes widened "New york? oh no! Carrie! I had never dreamed there could be danger to Carrie and her father so many miles away from here . . . I must go to new york at once!" i informed him as he nodded in understanding "and me i need to report to headquarters! if there is anything left of it?" i said to me as we both nodded in aggreement. we immediately went outside my mouse and started our travel to new york, i only had a little time to get to new york before the third cylinder opens, i even brought with me my journal for the trip.

Chapter 4: The Artillaryman And The Fighting MachineEdit

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Daisy Williams: Here's a bulletin from Winston Field, Long Island: Fleet of army bombers carrying heavy explosives flying north in pursuit of enemy. Scouting planes act as guides. They keep speeding enemy in sight. Just a moment please. Ladies and gentlemen, we've run special wires to the artillery line in adjacent villages to give you direct reports in the zone of the advancing enemy. First we take you live at the battery of the 22nd Field Artillery, located in the Watchtung Mountains, and the live footage you'll see will be dillian chester who will be reaporting live on helicopter.

(meanwhile at watchtung mountains)

Dillian chester: thank you daisy, hello im dillian chester im in the air right now and as you can see there are three to six alien machines martians marching their way at the army forces, but it seems that all isn't well for them. it seems that the solders are fireing with everything they got at the martian machines but there are three more martian machines coming, but look diffrent from the other large ones and many of our army can barely hit them. it looks like . . . um daisy im not sure what im seeing . . . but what i am seeing will shock you as me, it seems that the large martian machines are protected by force of somekind . . . it might be . . . some kind of sheild or invisable armor on or around them. 

Daisy Williams: wait?! did you say a sheild? how can you tell theres a shield on or around them? can you describe it? are you talking about the new martian machines or the other ones.

Dillian Chester: the new ones daisy the new ones, well to answer your question daisy its hard to say but there you can see there are tanks fireing at the new martian fighting machine, i'll just zoom in ... as you see theres an impact explosion just before the missle could impact and cause damage, and there you see theres a small glow of purple violet, with a tint of bright neon of green and yellow ripples and right now they just faded back and the sheilds are still there but you can't see them. but right now there are herds of smaller martian machines and are marching their way to the army but it like worser then war.  but they seem to be fireing some kind of cannon and fireing at the ground where many of the troops are and there you can see theres some kind of sphere and they seem to be emitting some kind of smoke, it seems like some kind of smoke bombs from the new machines.

Daisy Williams: um dillian you said theres a sheild now you talking about smoke, what kind of smoke? are you talking about tabacco or weed?

Dillian Chester: i'm not sure if its tabbaco or weed daisy i can tell you that its neather of them, cause this is unlike any kind of smoke i seen, cause its apperance is like a greyish black with a hint of green and its starting to thicken already and you can see there are a few troops being ingulfed in it as it continuing to spread across the field.

Daisy Williams: okay and you think this could be some form of bio-weapon of some sort?

Dillian Chester: its hard to say or even see, but the smoke is still spreading at an enormus rate and its like sweaping across the battle field . . .

Sade Barnard: um daisy Dillian i hate to interupt but we just got live call from an army solder on ground control in the field right now and he wants to go live immediatly

Daisy Williams: alright sade  and we'll get back to you later dillian and if you have something urgent you want to report we'll get to right away.

Dillian Chester: i understand daisy and if i see something importaint i will inform you right away back to you Daisy.

Daisy Williams: thank you Dillian and we'll give live footage from the ground where a solder of the ground forces defending the area from the martian forces.

Solder: (muffles from gas mask) i know this might be a hard time ABC7 but im just going to be useing the livecam right now, if your wondering why im wearing this gas mask, well as you can see theres smoke moving towards us right now and we're going to be wearing these just in case if the smoke could be toxic and it could contain gases that are ether ... anyway im going to be heading into the field where the smoke is, but im not going along, cause i have my friend here and this is buck

Buck: (muffles from gas mask) hi

Solder: (muffles from gas mask) im going to be attaching my cam to my belt and it going to be recording the whole battle. (attaches the iphone live cam to belt) buck you ready?

Buck: (muffles from gas mask) yeah!

Solder: (muffles from gas mask) alright, come on lets go!

(leaves the fort and enters the battle field) (guns and tanks get louder)

Buck: (muffles from gas mask) dude you think theres going to be any dead bodies in the field?

Solder: (muffles from gas mask) you never know unless you look to see it for yourself.

Buck: (muffles from gas mask) what if we get killed?

Solder: (muffles from gas mask) come on dude!

(arrive at the scene where the thick black smoke still spreading)

Solder: (muffles from gas mask) you ready dude.

Buck:(muffles from gas mask) lets do this man?

(enters the black smoke in the field)

Solder:(muffles from gas mask) aw man its so dark.

Buck:(muffles from gas mask) i know ri (trips on something) ah oh

Solder: whats up you alright

Buck:(muffles from gas mask) yeah im perfectly K.O. i think i tripped on something?

Solder:(muffles from gas mask) like what?

Buck:(muffles from gas mask) hard to say, its pitch black out here

Solder: shush whats that noise

(machine sounds in the distance moving close)

Solder: i think the smoke is clearing wait a minute i think i see something . . . whats tha-

(Metal hermit spider attacks and kills the solder)

Buck:(muffles from gas mask) OMG OMG help (fires gun at the small tripod machine as it drops the dead body of the solder recording)

Daisy Williams: excuse for the interuption we have an incoming massage from Dillian on the air says that he has a shocking report to informe

Sade Barnard: okay Dillian your on the air.

Dillian Chester: thank you guys, i am still on my helicopter right now and as you can see the smoke is clearing and there are dozens of dead solders on the ground, but i see the herd of smaller tripod machines marching their way to the frontline by entering the smoke but as you see, there is one solder in the clearing of smoke fighting one of the small martian machines.

Sade Barnard: yes we seen him before thats the guy from the live footage we saw earlier.

Daisy Williams: yeah and it comes as a shock to me that a sneek attack is about to begin.

Sade Barnard: and all solders should where gas masks at all times. that goes for you civillians and if you can't get one, then it looks like your going to have to make one, but if you can't your in a lot of trouble.

Dillian Chester: um guys i hate to interupte, but as you are seeing, it appears that one of the martian fighting machines have been taken down and it seems that there are a few machines trying to carry it while it seem the rest are attacking the army and ripping them to shreads and their heat rays are fireing at the everything in sight and are ...

(heat ray fires at Dillian chesters helicopter)

Daisy Williams: dillian . . . are you there . . . Dillian?

Sade Barnard: um daisy i think we should call Dillian back for now.

Daisy Williams: yeah i guess so, we'll get back to the news, right after these commercals.

George Wells/narrator POV:

Both me and the Artilleryman Flint started moving on foot, thankfully i was able to find a way to new york city without a boat or car, however we had walked for nine hours it took longer as we traveled across the road. then we moved towards King George's road and we came upon Hilton Garden Inn but it was deserted. we took a short five minute rest, until the artillery man found a kitchen and we filled our stomachs and packed things in our pockets and packs with everything we can hold. "look a pack of water filled bottles and a few glass of wine, well thats two lucky finds." he said as he starts collecting two glass bottles of wine and offers the two bottles of water to me and i greatfully accepted his offering to me. I had this feeling that this might be him doing a favor as I did for him when we first met. Untill we hurried after-wards then there was seemed to be no living soul anywhere. Flint started looking around the area and started to wonder what happend to the civillians, I then remembered that the news anounced the evacuation of new jersey "is everybody dead?" Flint the artillieryman asked me as I looked at our surroundings untill I notice there were gunners and tanks standing there "not everybody is dead they just evacuated the area, like I told you. Look over there, see! six tanks with gunners standing by." I informed him as i pointed at the six tanks and gunners, he gave me a concerned look but understood "they must be on full watch for the martians." he informed me as I gave him a confused and curious stare "hmm? what do you mean by that?" I asked him as we looks over in the distance of the tanks and solders "I mean that they haven't seen the heat ray yet!" he informed me until we hurried along the way through paterson street, suddenly there was a heavy explosion the ground heaved,windows shattered and dozens of smoke erupted into the air. The Artilleryman, Jeffery Flint began shouting "LOOK! there they are! what did i tell you?" he yelled as he start pointing at where there were solders and tanks preparing for what was facing them. quickly one after the other four of the fighting machines appeared. monstrous tripods higher than the tallest steeple striding over the trees and smashing them, walking engines of glittering metal, each carried the huge funnel and i realized with horror that I seen this awful thing before! as the Guns of the army tanks started firing and solders started shooting at the four marching fighting machines, there was something also among the feet of those monsterous machines . . . not just one but a bunch of em. They were a few dozen herds of smaller tripod machines, they each had hoods that are umbrella shaped, their heads were surrounded by long whip-like tentacles with knifes on the end of each tenticle and in edition these machines have two larger tenticles above where the three legs are moving. These two tentacles have scissor like claws on the end of both tentacles, these killing machines even bring death at close combate. it became a bloodbath as I watched in terror when the solders started charging in and  running back as they started fireing their guns at the small machines. But these machines just kept on ensnaring the solders and slice them in half with their claws, while the small tentecles sting them, stab em, scure them, ensnare them, strangle them, pierce them, tearing the solders in the battle to pieces non-stop, those machines were like attack dots that just start rampaging across the battlefield by the dozens. thats when i gave these small machines a name . . . Metal Hermit Spiders! until i saw that a few solders retreting towards me as i notice a hermit spider instantly marched its way towards my direction  I laid flat on the ground as i imediatly took cover, i knew i had to be very still, as i pretended to be a dead corpse but the hermit just hovered above me, I dare not move a muscle, cause if there was any sign of movment . . . it would mean sudden death by these tentacles and claws of this deadly monstrocity. My chest started pounding, but just when the machines tentecles were about to touch me, a solder shot at the Metal Hermit Spider in the distance and started draw the machine away from me. I got on my feet and made a mad dash to the river. Then a fifth fighting machine appeared close by at river street park. in a mere instant it raised itself to full hight carried the funnel high in the air and the ghostly terrible heat ray struck the town. As it struck all five fighting machines exulted emitting howls which roared like thunder.



George Wells/narrator POV:

the six tanks with-seen now five simultaneously attacking and decapitating a fighting machine. the martian inside the hood was slain splashed to the full winds and the body nothing now but an interdict devise of metal went whirling to destruction, as the other monsters advanced people ran away blindly, the raillery man among them, but i jumped into the river until forced up to breath now the tanks spoke again but then this time the heat ray sent them to oblivion. the heat ray swept across the river a huge wave near to boiling point rushed upon me and i screamed aloud, then scolded, half blinded and agonized. I staged through leaping hissing right up towards the shore, i fell helplessly in full sight of the martians expected nothing but death. but then a foot of a tripod came down close to my head then lifted again as the four tripods carry away the debris of their formed comrade and i realized the defining miracle i had escaped.



Daisy Williams:  welcome back im Daisy williams

Sade Barnard: and im sade barnard ,  we're reporting from our live studio, as for our skyviewer Dillian Chester  seems to be unavalable to report, its like ... how long do you think its been Daisy?

Daisy Williams:  about 24 minutes problably . . . anyway  heres diana Wayne with the traffic report in new jersey.

Diana Wayne: hi daisy, well it seems that the traffic here seems to be getting big, due to the evacuations in new jersey. there are lots of cars and buses coming in already, theres honking, shouting and shoving, its like a parade on hold out here. although there are some policemen trying to escourt the civillians, but theres so much traffic here its hard to move along.

Daisy Williams: thank you Diana, now this just came on my desk that a third cylinder had landed somewhere close to new york and that our millitary are trying to prevent the alien forces from entering the area? but there are some messages from the leaders of russia and europe  that they are willing to answer the call for the mobilization against the martians.

Sade Williams: yes so it seems, but as for the other countries are still recruting solders  for the warfront. we just got word from  the united kingdom  that the queen is supporting the alliance.

Daisy Williams: well theres some good news but recently we just got word from the millitary that the martian  machines made their way at paterson street and many of the solders were disentergrated and torn to pieces by smaller machines. thankfully they were able to take down one of the martian tripods but the other machines carried the martian tripods remains and retreated afterwards, but it seems like their trying to make their way to new york city?

Sade Barnard: oh boy, sounds like we need to start prepairing the evacuation for new york but we'll be prepairing to await the decission from the mayor, while we wait for his anouncement, here's victor giles with the weather.

Victor Giles: thank you guys, it seems its hard to say if there will be weather reaports this week, but just in case this might be the only one this month. it seems we're going to get cloudy today but tomorrow its going to get very stormy with a little rain, the day after that well a little bit sunny. . . Daisy can you please . . . i like a break here and my family is packing today and i have to get to the dock really soon?

Daisy  Williams:  its alright Victor, i understand and  maybe you might do reporting at the docks with your family. we'll be right back after these commercails!

Chapter 5: Forever AutumnEdit

Daisy Williams: Good afternoon everyone im Daisy Williams and standing next to me is Sade Barnard. we are here broadcasting in our studio live to inform you that new york will  be on alert of martian assult in which will be on its way here to new york,  this is a warning. we'll be broadcasting live at the mayors office.

Mayor: good afternoon ladies and gentelmen, my fellow citizens of new york! in respons of  the martian  threat to new york we will be at city hall to discus the evacuation of our city, if you have any questions during the meeting, we will have a member of the national guard there, who will explain to you in detail, but if you are urgeing to leave the city then please do so in an orderly fashion.

Daisy Williams: well thats good to hear from the mayor, but it seems that he already answered our question!

Sade Barnard: yes Daisy, it sounded like he did, but ther was something i was going to ask him i wonder how it effects the parade and the president's visit? im planing on going to that meeting at city hall myself.

Daisy Williams: i guess it means that i'll be the only anchor man here am i?

Sade Barnard: its alright daisy but if the invasion does begin, i might come with you on our last broadcasting on ABC7 NEWS.

Daisy Williams: i guess that might sound nice?

Two Days later New york city

Aug 11, 2018

Daisy Williams: ladies and gentelmen this is Daisy Williams and standing next to me is Sade Barnard and we're in our studio live as this could be our final moments of ABC7 NEWS.

Sade Barnard: yes as so it seems our parade is possibly ruined  by our party crashing  alien invaders from the planet mars,  even our president donald trump might be busy with other issues on this matter.

Daisy Williams: yes and in the mean time we will be having our traffic reporter Diana Wayne who has just arrived by taxi, but stuck in traffic as well.

Diana Wayne: thank you Daisy, i am standing here where there are a mas of traffic jams here, but it seems that after yesterdays meeting at city hall, it has been estimated that within the last twelve hours thare are three million people have been packing things with packages, boxes, and suitcases  as they moved out along the roads to the north, but it appears that Hutchison River Parkway is still being kept open for car traffic. Avoid bridges to Long Island . . . hopelessly jammed. back to you Daisy and Sade!

Daisy Williams: thank you diana, now we just got reaports of martian landings in the UK at horsell common and a landing in the behimian forest at the heart of europe. but thankfully that the german empire are already mobalizing and are going for war against the  martians.

Sade Barnard: seems like theres hope, but theres only a little amount of the army for the us left.

Daisy Williams: what makes you say that?

Sade barnard: well there seems to be only a few dozen solders left in the army but already the united states is mostly with cylinder landings. there barely any more defenses. many of our army taken or killed . . . 50% of our artillery, 80% of our air force, everything are at a minumun. This may be the last broadcast of the ABC7 NEWS LIVE.D

Daisy Williams: but We'll stay here to the end.

George Wells/narrator POV:

for two days i fought my way through roads packed with traffic jams of cars, buses, taxi cabs and refugees. the homeless burden with boxes and bundles continued their valuables, all that was a value to me was in new York. by the time i reached their little house Carrie and her father were gone. as i wander this empty appartment which once had portraits of our lives when we were children and there were many more photos of us growing together, at school, at the park, at the beach and even collage and thats when i suddenly found a note on the table which said:

My Dear George

if you're able to find this letter, then you already know my father and i left the house, the reason is because my father and i heard the news that yesterday that the Martians have defeated the military at the marsh lands in new jersey and are moving towards new york, so we are heading to the white hall terminal Manhattan south ferry, where we will be evacuating by sea. but when i saw the news on television of your where-about and alive and well. it fills me with relief that your alright, but father feared that the martians would be on their way to new york so he insisted that we pack our things and going to leave new York very soon. but i know you would come to me and father to warn us but as a resort i write this letter to you and as i write this, i will be waiting at the dock for you and in time i will see you again and will remain by your side in your kind hearted and warm embrace once more. . . Be safe my dear George.

From your childhood friend and lover, Carrie Summers

George Wells/narrator POV:

As i finished the letter Carrie had left behind, I could not believe how surprised i was when i finished reading the note, Carrie and her father are still alive and well, yet i have to get to Manhattan and fast before the ferry leaves new york.

"The summer sun is fading as the year grows old,
And darker days are drawing near,
The winter winds will be much colder,
Now you're not here."

"I watch the birds fly south across the autumn sky
And one by one they disappear,
I wish that I was flying with them
Now you're not here."

"Like the sun through the trees you came to love me,
Like a leaf on a breeze you blew away..."

"Through autumn's golden gown we used to kick our way,
You always loved this time of year . . ."

"Those fallen leaves lie undisturbed now"
"Cos you're not here"
"Cos you're not here"
"Cos you're not here"

(Carrie's voice: George, where are you?)

George Wells/narrator POV:

Fire suddenly leaped from building to building, people started screaming as glass starts to shatter from the windows, the police started blowing their whistles to calm the citizens of new york, but some of the population of new york just panicked and ran. Then I was swept along with them aimless and lost without Carrie. but my feelings tell me that i have to get to the docks and fast. until finally I headed south which Carrie and her father is right now, including my only chances of survival, a ferry boat out of new york. in which where Carrie mentioned in her note that she left in her apartment 'white hall terminal Manhattan south ferry'. 

'"Like the sun through the trees you came to love me"
"Like a leaf on the breeze you blew away"'

"A gentle rain falls softly on my weary eyes"

"As if to hide a lonely tear"

"My life will be forever Autumn"
'"Cos you're not here"
"Cos you're not here"
"Cos you're not here"

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Daisy Williams: now lets get to Victor Giles, who is already with his family at the dock and he will be reaporting live. hello Victor how are things at the docks?

Victor Giles: well Daisy its really crowded in here and standing next to me is my family, this is my wife Ellen and these are our kids, bill and jenny. say hi kids?

Jenny and Bill Giles: hi!

Victor Giles: Now to answer your question Daisy, there are loads of people, moving towards the harbor. All manner of boats are gathering at the docks, overloaded with fleeing people and the boats are already pulling out pulling out from docks. but there you can see, there is another boat coming in at Manhattan south ferry, but hasn't docked with the pier yet. any way I'm already getting on our ride, but I'll be reporting more detail later, back to you daisy.

Daisy Williams: thank you Victor now as for the crowds of fleeing people we can already tell there's a load of traffic on their way right now.

Sade Barnard: yes speaking of traffic we just got word from Diana that the streets are all jammed up. honking, yelling and shouting noise in crowds like New Year's Eve in city. to be honest, this doesn't sound like a new years eve celebration, it sounds more like some kind of riot or angry mob.

George Wells/narrator POV:

as I headed through British garden at Hanover square more and more people joined the painful exodus. sad weary women, their children stumbling, street with tears, men bitter and angry, the rich rubbing shoulders with beggars and outcasts, dogs snarled and whine, the the horses food were covered with foam, then here and there were wounded soldiers as helpless as the rest.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Daisy Williams: hold on Sade, i just got an urgent call from Diana saying that there are small martian machines marching and smashing their way into Manhattan, we'll be taking you live at Manhattan where Diana Wayne will be reporting live, Diana you there?

Diana Wayne: oh thank god Daisy you replied just in time and your not going believe this, there are herds of martian machines smashing cars and shoving buses and tossing motorcycles across the streets. their even snatching people with their tentacles and strangling them with horrific strength. this is just horrifying

George Wells/narrator POV:

Then we saw tripods wailing from Manhattan, cutting through bridges as it they were paper. Brooklyn bridge, Williams-burg bridge, one of the tripods appeared above pace university.


George Wells/narrator POV:

in the streets of new york came dozens of the metal hermit spiders, chaseing people though sidewalks and streets, they started smashing and shoving cars in traffic roads where civillians started running and panicing, never before in the history of the world that such a mass of humans moved and suffered together this was no disciplined march, it was a stand-peed . . . without order and without a goal three million people unarmed and supervision driving headlong. It was the beginning of the route of civilization of Damascus of mankind. until i heard sounds of the whistles of a ferry boat in the distance it was moving towards white hall terminal Manhattan south, where i might find my dear carrie and her father.


but as the vast crowd buffered me towards the already packed up ferry. I looked up enviously at those who were safely on board, searching each and everyone of the passengers from affar, then a familiar face caught my attention, it was her . . . Carrie, my childhood friend and soon to be wife, I started to shove my way over to the ferry in order to reach her, but it became so hard to her as the crowd start pushing and shoving. as I gazed straight into the eyes of my beloved lover Carrie, i started shouting to her until she notices me calling to her among the crowd, but then she began to fight her way along the packed deck to the gain plank, at that very moment it was raised and I caught a last glimpse of her despairing face as the crowed swept me away from her. that's when i heard her shouting to me in the distance to me "George!" she kept on shouting my name.

'"Like the sun through the trees you came to love me"
"Like a leaf on the breeze you blew away"'

"Through autumn's golden gown we used to kick our way,
You always loved this time of year . . ."

"Those fallen leaves lie undisturbed now"
"Cos you're not here"
"Cos you're not here"
"Cos you're not here"

Chapter 6: The ThunderchildEdit

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Daisy Williams: thank you Diana, any way we just received an urgent call from Victor and is in need of being put on live!

Sade Barnard: okay then, coming in live with be Victor Giles, your on?

Victor Giles: thanks guys and as you can see, the ferry has just been filled with passengers and are already leaving shore, but Wait a minute . . . Enemy now in sight above the Palisades. as you see there are Three Fighting machines and there seems to be two more Smoke machines. in total of Five -- five machines and they are moving right towards the shores, they seem to be followed by smaller machines, yet they seem to be swarming on the shoreline. First fighting machine is crossing river. I can see it from here, then another is coming in and entering the Hudson, wait a second there's something their carrying, it seems to be some kind of large pod and their placing it into the river like some kind of boat. oh my its moving over to us like a man wading through a brook, while the other fighting machines are marching over to the ferry that is already leaving Manhattan South ferry docks. wait a minute there seems to be something coming in between them, its the HMS thunder-child from the united kingdom! along with two American Military submersibles moving towards us. they seem to be attacking the martian boats that are heading over to us, maybe trying to stall them but due to the energy sheild that protects them its proven very difficult, but it seems that its distracting them and drawing the martian boats away from us and are . . . oh my . . . its not just a boat, its a submerging boat! yet its hard to tell if their fighting, but i can see the impact glow from the energy shield from underneath us.

George Wells/narrator POV:

the ferry began to move slowly away, but on the land of horizon appeared the unmistakable silhouette of a fighting machine, another came and another, striding through hills and trees plunging far out to sea and blocking the exit of the ferry, but then came in between them came silent gray iron clad HMS thunder-child slowly it moved towards shore then with a deafening roar, and warships spread. It swung about and drove at full speed towards the wailing Martians. Then I heard Carrie calling to me as the ferry pulled away from shore. The warship was moving swiftly and through the seas and the canons fired as the ship came. Then the tripod suddenly burst into heaps of flame, as the crowd and the people on the ferry started cheered on.

"There were ships of shapes and sizes"
"Scatter out along the bay"
"And I thought I heard her calling"
"As the steamer pulled away"
"The Invaders must have seen them"
"As across the coast they filed"
"Standing firm between them"'

"There lay Thunder Child" 

"Moving swiftly through the waters"
"Cannons blazing as she came"
"Brought a might metal war-lord"
"Crashing down in sheets of flame"

"Sensing victory was nearing"

"Thinking fortune must have smiled"

"People started cheering"
"Come on Thunder Child"
"Come on Thunder Child"

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Victor Giles: it seems that the thunder child has just taken down one of the tripod fighting machines, oh thank heavens, now there seem to be more entering the river and already marching to the thunder-child. as for the submarine battle im not sure if theres anything down there in the river, but all i can say is that their trying to draw the enemy away from the escaping cizillians. the fighting machines seem to be emitting smoke into the air to hid themselfs.

George Wells/narrator POV:

Then the tripods release their black smoke but the warship sped on cutting down one of the tripod figures, instantly the others raised their heat-rays and melted the thunder-child's valiant heart. the heat ray burned the deck of the thunder-child all hope was dashed away as we watched the sinking wreak, the smoke started to clearing the thunder-child was slowly disappearing.


"Lashing ropes and smashing timbers"
"Flashing Heat Rays pierced the deck"
"Dashing hopes for our deliverance"
"As we watched the sinking wreck"
"With the smoke of battle clearing"
"Over graves in waves defiled"
"Slowly disappearing"

"Farewell Thunder Child!"
"Slowly disappearing

"Farewell Thunder Child!

"Farewell Thunder Child!"

"Farewell Thunder Child!"

George Wells/narrator POV:

But when the smoke finally cleared the ferry had reached the mystic horizon and Carrie is now safe. But the thunder-child had vanished forever, taking with her mans last hope of victory. Then the Lit-en sky was lead by green flashes cylinder following cylinder and no one and nothing is left now to fight them. The earth belonged to the Martians.

[meanwhile on ABC7 Eyewitness news TV]

Victor Giles: oh . . . oh man . . . I'm very surprised to say this but it appears that the thunder-child has fallen. yet it seems that many of the ferries including the one from Manhattan south ferry has already left the area and beyond the area. thankfully we are moving far from new york and it seems that this is going to be a very long journey . . . hold on there seems to be something in the clouds above us, it seems to be a green flash in the storm, they could be the martian cylinders that are just now entering our atmosphere and there seems to be one following the other. anyway I'm going now guys, back to you Sade!

Sade Barnard: thanks victor and have a long safe voyage across the great seas.

Daisy Williams: and be careful of the Bermuda triangle! as for the martian cylinders there indeed seems to be Martian cylinders falling all over the country and some landing in the other nations like five in Europe and two in Asia and five in Korea. there's seems to be two landings in Oklahoma country, one outside Buffalo, one in Chicago, St. Louis, there also two in the united kingdom and Germany. Martians are seem to be spreading around--

Sade Williams: as for the martian machines it seems we got a call from our traffic reporter again, and we'll bring you to her as she will be broadcasting live. Diana whats the situation right now?

Daisy Williams: Diana you there?

Diana Wayne: oh god! Daisy it is heck out here, my cameraman just got killed so I'm showing you what I'm seeing, right now there are massive tripods Striding across streets and smashing cars as it is looking over the city. but it seems to be just standing there, probably waiting for the others to enter the city. . . and they seem to be lifting their metal hands and using their heat-ray. yet the fighting machines seem to be howling some sort of victory, yet its drizzling out here, there are few solders attacking the fighting machines, but it seems the shields around them are too hard to penetrate. already the people are scrabbling the city streets to avoid the small machines, but it seems like they kill anything that moves.

Sade Barnard: it seems like this is the end now.

Daisy Williams: yes it kinda does, but Diana what else is happening? can you see any thing else?

Diana Wayne: well there's a smoke machine moving by me right now and its like firing some kind of weapon? must be the smoke grenades i think and its firing them in multiple areas of Manhattan. theres like smoke spreading on the streets and people are running from it but its like some kind of (COUGHS) pyr-(COUGHS) I (COUGHS) its ge- (COUGHS)

(body falls as she drops the camera on to the ground)

Daisy Williams: diana? Diana can you hear me? DIANA! (breaths heavily)

(sade Barnard grabs Daisy by the arm to calm her)

Sade Barnard: daisy she's gone! anyway we'll be on the roof looking at the scene from the station.

(broadcasting holds) 

(few moments later)

Daisy Williams: (breathing heavily) Sade am i on?

Sade Barnard: yes your on!

Daisy Williams: hello im standing on the roof here on our broadcasting station and its getting more raining as it is. down there below us you can see there are flows of black smoke spreading though the streets and there seems to be, yeah they appear to be people running in the streets and there are some wearing gas masks to protect themselfs of the smoke, thank heavens for them. but as for the others, im really scared right now, there you can see there are giant smokeing machines marching their way into the streets with there smoke sprayers and fireing their black cloud grenades on the city streets, people are trying to escape the smoke but its too fast, but it flows like a volcanic pyroclastic flow. um . . . carl if your hearing this im very sorry for arguing with you and for everything, take good care of our children for us and mother, father im very sorry for being rude to you and hurting you both. jasmine my friend if your up there in heaven hearing me . . . im sorry that i became a jerk and made things harder for you, but im sorry! (starts crying while talking)

Sade Barnard: daisy its alright everything is going to be alright. any way we'll get back to her later but since this is our final broadcast, daisy your the greatest anchorman i ever worked with and i would like to call you my best friend.

Daisy Williams: (sniffles) yeah and your the greatest assitant i ever worked with (hugs Sade Barnard) your my best friend, if only Jasmine were here, we would've made a great trio right now.

Sade Barnard: i know Daisy, i know for certain she's in a good place and im sure we'll be together as a trio on the other side.

Daisy Williams: (sniffles) okay, im alright now . . . and theres Smoke comes out of the smoke machine . . . it seems to be black smoke, its already drifting over the city. and below there seems to be people in the streets running from it, they see it now. now they're running towards the East River . . . thousands of them, their dropping in like rats. Now the smoke's spreading faster. It's reached Times Square. many People are trying to run away from it, but it's no use. They're falling like flies. Now the smoke's crossing Sixth Avenue . . . Fifth Avenue . . .

(black smoke grenade lands on the building where Daisy and Sade are standing)

Daisy Williams: (turns and sees the smoke grenade) um one hundred yards away . . .

Sade Barnard: um daisy?

(smoke Grenade activates)

Daisy Williams: it's fifty feet . . .

(smoke moves over to them)

Sade Barnard: um daisy i guess this is it?

Daisy Williams: i guess it is? see you on the other side sade?

(smoke reaches them)

Daisy Williams and Sade Barnard: (coughing) i can't -- breath



OPERATOR: 2X2L calling CQ . . . 2X2L calling CQ . . . 2X2L calling CQ . . . New York. Isn't there anyone on the air? Isn't there anyone on the air? Isn't there anyone . . . 2X2L --

(Television Goes Static with snow fuzzes on screen)

Chapter 7: The Dawn Of DuskEdit

George Wells/narrator POV:

as i was being shoved  in the crowd, there was  a group of metal hermit spiders coming right at us, then the crowd started to scatter around the building. the metal hermit spiders started snatching people and torchering them. but then three solders wearing gas masks and carrying guns, then they started fighting it with everything they got, but the machine started using it's tentacles and slicing them  ripping them into pieces. i then looked behind me and I saw huge amounts of smoke spreading across all of new york, as i notice how people started running from it and being engulfed by it, i understood that the smoke is toxic I tried looking for something to protect myself from the smoke but remembered that the metal hermit spiders are still around and they can easily kill a person with its tentacles. but as i took a gas mask from the dead corpse of one of the three solders killed by the metal hermit spiders i notice two children crouching in a corner, i knew that i couldn't just leave them out here in the toxic smoke, which is spreading rapidly as if it were a pyroclastic flow from a sleeping volcano. i immediately grabbed the other two masks from the other two dead solders and quickly ran over to the two children, then i gave them both the gas masks and started putting the masks on their faces good and tight as i can. immediately put the gas mask on myself and got the children on their feet and we started searching for a place to hide but the smoke was getting faster. until we found  the janitors closet but it was locked until we notice there was  an  unconscious man who appeared to have hit himself on his head but i checked his neck for a plus but nothing. then i notice he had a key ring on his belt, so i quickly  took the keys from his belt and started tested each key if it fits the keyhole until finally the door is unlocked. me and the children immediately went inside and i quickly locked the door. last we hid ourselves in the janitors closet inside Whitehall terminal building in order to escape the black smoke and the metal hermit spiders. just in case i covered the crack under the door with a few towels that were left in here, but even though we were wearing gas masks there were muffling sound of screaming and shouting from outside, the sounds of  panicking outside had started from screaming to coughing and then came collapsing noises. I then found a flashlight on the shelf and I turned the flashlight on, but it seemed to be a bit dim. I pointed the light around the room to see where the children are. I looked at their eyes and they seem to be afraid, but thankfully i saved their lives from the black smoke and the martian machines, i sat between them and rapped my arms around them both as they shivered in fear. but as i checked my watch to see what time it is, but it was hard to see. but as time passed by, i carefully removed my gas mask to test if the air is clean, i took a breath and it seems that the air is fine.i removed the gas masks from the faces of the tow children, i had to ask them where they came from and who are their parents "its alright, the air is fine and  your both safe." i informed them as they nodded their heads in understanding. "I'm George wells, I'm a journalist  from the ABC7 news , what about you two, what are your names?" i asked them as they just stared at me with worry, but i notice the boy stood up and spoke "my name is David and this is Emily, shes my sister." he said to me as he introduced himself and his sister. i smiled at them "anyway where are your parents?" i asked them in  curious manner in order to get to know them better, but they just stared  at me. then i suddenly notice the girl started to form a tear in her eyes the two of them looked sad after  asking about their parents. I walked right to them to ask the boy if their parents were with them on the docks, but sadly shook his head "our dad went with the army while mom took care of us but then we heard mom had a car accident, but they insisted that we  be brought to an orphanage, but we ran away and . . . " he said until he paused as he started to tear up in sadness. that's when I understood they were orphans with no family's at all, but was surprised that their father was in the army, then i remember what i saw at rabbit hill of what the machines were doing with the dead and wounded. but i knew that they weren't ready to know about their father, yet i was uncertain that he took part taking part of the attack at Grovers mill. however it will be dark soon and the martians scavenger machines will be here soon and be making terrible noises. i took my handkerchief from my  pocket and wiping the tears from the young girl Emily's eyes.  in edition i gave her a hug to comfort her "i know how hard it is to lose a relative, but its hard to understand things but still you can't run from home like that but since he's away in the army i might watch over you for a while. are you alright with that?" i asked them as they both nodded their heads in understanding. i sat in between the two siblings as they rested their heads on my time passed by in our hiding place, the siblings fell asleep on me as they slowly closed their eyes, yet i started to wonder what they were dreaming of? i was the only one still awake in fact it was hard for me to get some rest for a while. all i could think of was my beloved childhood friend and lover Carrie, i continued to hear sounds of thundering from the martian cylinders  entering earths atmosphere, but its hard to tell if there were any windows yet there aren't any windows in the janitors closet. i sat there with two young  siblings  resting peacefully on my shoulders in their peaceful slumber, but i know that watching them is going to be a full responsibility, yet a memory came to me from high school that i was thinking on having children someday, even  though I'm engaged with Carrie, it might be my chance. . . until the martians arrived on earth. it became very  hard to sleep now . . . ever since the martians arrived and started harvesting us and killing us, yet i was unsure if that was the case so i await for midnight to approach and observe the martians and their works. but as time kept going on, the horror had arrived to do its work! the terrible sounds of machines had returned to harvest the dead again, the memory of what they did in rabbit hill started to haunt me. the shredding and screeching kept on growing louder as it got closer and i had to get a good look at them, but i remembered to keep the children safe from the black smoke outside the door. then i remembered that i gave them and myself gas masks to protect us from the black smoke. i as grabbed all three of the gas masks and i immediately put mine on and then i carefully put their gas masks on their faces. until their eyes started to open and i had to keep them calm, i lift my mask off and spoke to them  "shh I'm going to check the outside if the martians are gone, I'll be right back okay?" i said to them as they nodded in understanding, i put my gas mask back on and  carefully opened the door slowly and took a peek into the crack of the door, that's when i got a close glimpse of a the machine that was harvesting the dead and wounded . but there was a lot of them and it was hard to see  the bodies under  them, judging from the form, it does appeared to be some form of an insect, but they were unlike any i seen,  they had the shape of a beetle but had the lower body of a grub, and it slithers on the corpses like a snake yet its grub-like lower body started to grow and i understood that's where they were keeping the corpses stored in, much like how honey pot ants store their  water and sweet liquids they collected from rain and plants. then i notice the siblings were peeking though the door as well, but i immediately reacted as  i shut the door as quietly  i can and immediately locked the door. i knew this would cause a problem after what they just witnessed and then they just stared at me with curious and horrified eyes. but i had to wait till morning, that way there might be less martian activity in the area.

George Wells/narrator POV:

Aug 12, 2018

when morning arrived,  i opened the door and was in a horrific surprise. . . everything was gone just like at rabbit hill. every weapon, every object, and everyone of our dead! many of  new york city's population were taken from the docks and possibly the city, their bodies  were stolen. as i opened the door carefully, me and the two siblings left the janitors closet and entered quiet and empty remains of the docks, the sky was a very dark grey morning.  it seemed that the black smoke had cleared the city, but many of the dead that suffocated in the black smoke were taken by the martian harvester machines, but the martians fighting left a few burned corpses in the form of scorched skeletons as if they were firewood. then a metal hermit spider appeared and we hid behind a brick wall without being seen by the martian machine as it just passes by the street without harming us, after that moment the hermit spider was gone. as we wandered the streets the  i then notice the cars  which filled the city were gone as the corpses, this just got me curious. why would the martians take the corpses and vehicles from the city? are there any survivors left in new york? where are the survivors of the black smoke that spread across new york? As we walked down white-hall street Emily was very curious of what was really happening "what happened to everyone in the city sir?" Emily  asked me as she looked up at me, she seemed to be worried that the martians would be after us too, but i have to keep them calm, but after what they saw, i felt that i couldn't keep this horrifying truth of the martians work here and what i learned. i took a deep breath  preparing to speak "Emily, David sit down please? there something i have to tell you both!" i asked them as they sat on the side walk in the street, so I prepared myself for  the most disturbing news that i had discovered at rabbit hill. "its about your father and  even thought i might not know him or what he looks like, but i think i know what happened to him and the people in the city?" i said to them as their eyes widened  and started leaning in close to hear more "I'm afraid your father and everyone else might have been kidnapped or killed by the martians?" i informed them as they just stared at me with confusion, David spoke "what do you mean that our dad's been kidnapped by the martians?" David asked me as i was about to explain what  i meant "you see there's a thing called harvesting, harvesting  is a thing when you catch or kill something for consumption use, it seems your father might have be harvested by the martians. he and others after him and what you saw last night was the exact  machine that does just that." i informed them as they started to show a devastated look on their faces and their eyes filled with tears of sadness and sorrow. but i knew we had to find some shelter soon and fast before any martians appear so i got both siblings to their feet "i know it sounds very devastating, but we might not have the time to mourn for him right now. come on lets go find some shelter before any martians appear?" i told them as they nodded their heads as the stood by both side of me as we walked together. We went back to our road after that, as kept moving I started thinking about these children and their safety. I felt that they might be put in danger if i keep em by me any longer, but then I suddenly thought of finding them someone to watch after them for me. We turned left and went through water street then we turned north to broad street and turned left again to pearl street, but as we walked I spotted an inn nearby called the wall street inn, i felt that maybe we might take shelter there, until something caught my eye. A light was on in the wall street inn, where there is light, there's someone still alive. we walked right into the inn then heard something clicked, i turn to see there was a young woman, but she seemed to be wearing a gas mask and carrying a gun and pointing at us "freeze, raise your arms and put your hands on your head!" she demanded as i did what she said and i got on the ground, until she notices the children with me, she take off her mask and walks over to us with caution. she started checking them, including me, at last  she finished searching us "okay your clear, i thought you were ... who are you, if your trying to find food but i hate to ruin it but there's only food for one, but if there's kids, i guess your welcome." she said to us as i got on my feet and i notice the siblings smiled and started hugging her "i guess you have them in good hands . . . right?" i asked her, she turned her face to me and started to get curious of me "you look familiar? who are you?" she asked me as i took time to reply "my name is George wells. . . I'm a journalist." i said to her as i introduced my self, the woman smiled "oh now i remember you, you were on the news a few days ago about the attack at rabbit hill." she said with amazement, i was surprised that she remembered me at that instant "so you know about that?" i asked her as she replied with a nod but then she spoke "would you like a room here for you and these children?" she asked me as i nodded "why of course but these aren't my children, but i saved their lives from the black smoke yesterday and I'm afraid their parents are dead." i informed her as she frowned with sadness "oh my, i think that i can adopt them as their foster mom? i can even get you a room where you can rest for the night." she requested as i smiled in agreement "you mean you want to adopt them, i guess that might be a good idea, but you got to keep them safe." i asked with a strict tone. she nodded in understanding "of course i can." she said to me with pride, afterwards she offered us rooms and i was given a single room while she given herself and the siblings a room for themselves.

Part 2: The Earth Under The MartiansEdit

Chapter 8: Dreams Of Hope And The Red WeedEdit

George Wells/narrator POV:

The earth now belonged to the martians and i did not know how the fate of humanity would end, but at least for the moment all i could think of was my beloved Carrie. yet i also knew that she and her father are both safe and sound, on another, but distant shore. i kept on praying, praying that she would someday return to me a and become whole once more, yet by doing so it became harder for me to sleep more often. it became so strange and disturbing that night, i looked in the window and saw more martian cylinders falling from the sky with green light with green smoke, it made me feel uneasy. i felt myself drift into into a deep sleep yet i struggle to stay awake until my eyes just closed and that's when i started dreaming about Carrie and her father. as the dreamworld starts to become a dark area that's when i heard a familiar voice, i looked behind me and saw it was a spiritual form of my beloved Carrie with a goddess like aura around her, she appeared to be standing on the docks but it was in a very distant land area, but between us was a large mass of ocean and the sky was filled with stars and green falling meteors. the dream spirit of my fiance Carrie was standing on the distant dock and started to call to me, praying for my safety "George, where are you? i know your still out there in the world somewhere, in fact i will not count you among the dead, not now or ever!" she said to me with hope in her voice "Carrie, I'm alive and well, just do not mourn me? i will hold your hand again! i will feel your touch!" i said to her in the distance " are you still safe?" i asked  until she began to reply to me with worry in her voice "Ghastly night . . . dark . . . and humanity being swept off the face of the earth from existence. . . using it! for me i know . . . George, i know! but why are you feeling like this?" Carrie in spirit form asked me as i become very nervous and felt an odd feeling in me, i felt like i was struggling to stay awake from the sleeping gas "i can't even sleep, i just kept praying, praying for you Carrie! you and your father's safety. , but since seeing your face on that boat, pleading stood, vastly and in-sainlly, face to face with the darkness and shadows. oh strange and terrible night." i informed her as she immediately spoke "hideous night, well even if up hails a slither of light to help with the finding. . . but" the spirit of Carrie said to me as she stood there, then there was a moment of silence between us it was then i spoke "Carrie i will not count you among the dead! ... i will see you again!  somehow? but even if your safe on a distant shore i was in need of you in my embrace of my arms, you are as bright as the sun that shines in the sky. . . its so hard to sleep when there are martians at work. but i will come back to you again." i said to her with hope, as she stood there, i saw her smile as she stood there in the distance "oh george, i will see you again ... someday." she said to me as the spirit of carrie and the dream world around me gets brighter into a flash of light.

George Wells/narrator POV:

Aug 13, 2018

then i wake up the next day and looked outside the window of the inn, it seems that there was something very different about this morning. its as if the dawn became a brilliant fiery red, went to check up on the still resting survivors in the room. I notice that the woman and the two siblings were still asleep, i became thankful that she might watch over them as their adoptive mother. i then took my gas mask i had taken from the corpse two days ago and i started heading outside and begin traveling, but when i opened the door there was a web of growing and spreading red vines in the doorway. i closed the door from behind me and wandered into the weird and lurid landscape of another planet, for the vegetation which gave mars its red appearance had now taken route on earth, as man has come to the Martians so our land now has come to the red weed. As we walked down street I started thinking about the kids but i kept reminding myself that they are going to be safe with their adoptive mother. then i notice that it started to drizzled a bit but where ever there was water  the red weed clung and it grew with frightening voraciousness, then i watched its claw-like fawns as it started choking the movement of the large mass puddles of water and then it began to creep like a slimy red animal across the land, covering streets, and buildings and tree and bush with living scarlet vines crawling, crawling... yet it was impossible to recognize the route that I taken on south William street, which completely covered in residue by the red weed, it was like walking on gigantic blood drops. i them felt the ground vibrate as i saw a fighting machine moving into the city, i quickly hid in an ally behind a dumpster in order to keep myself from being seen by the metal hermit spiders scouting the area. but when the machines left the area i walked down William street after that, moving past a half destroyed building, i felt a terrible fear that could not completely understand. its as though the red weed had just covered the streets like crimson blanket over our world, smothering up all of mankind, then i passed by 60 William St, which there was a church nearby. then i turned north west through pine Street which had less martian plant-life covering the ground and its been for a long time since i came to new york city. after that i saw another church that is called trinity church which was completely devastated in ruins, completely silent, some of its destroyed walls were being covered in the red weed. there was fire on some of the wood that was once part of the old church. then i suddenly notice a body of a parson lying on the ground in the ruins of trinity church, he seemed to be wearing a gas mask but he seemed to be dead, i felt that i cannot leave him for the mercy of the red weed, then decided to bury him decently. as i removed his gas mask, i gaze down sadly at his ravage face, but i was uncertain if he was dead, so i checked him for a pulse but then i breathed in shock as his eyes flitted opened, he was alive!

Chapter : Spirit of ManEdit

"No Nathaniel, oh no, Nathaniel"

George Wells/narrator POV:

as the parson strugles to get on his feet i suddenly heard shouting in the distance of the curch yard and i saw a young woman with a flashlight in her hands "nathaniel! nathaniel!" she shouted as if she were searching for someone. i started waving my arm at her to get her attention, until she see's us and started running over to us and she suddenly notices the parson "… oh my goodness nathaniel i saw the church burst into flames! are you alright?" she asked him as she attempts to offer him a hand to help him up, until he fearfully crawled away from her "don't touch me!" he demands as he was holding his cross in his hand as if he was warning her. she get confuse of what he was doing and behaving like this to her, even i was concerned of what was happening to him. the woman walked over to him "but its me beth your wife!" she said to him, but the parson gave her a suspicious glare "no your one of them!, a devil!" he shouted at her as he pointed at her while holding his cross, she started to speak again  "but their not devils, their martians!" she informed him as he shook his head while trying to cover his ears, but i walked into the conversation between the two, i spoke to the parson first "yes! she's telling the truth, they came from mars not from god!" i said to him, until he stood up to his feet and he shouts "lies! i saw the devil sign!" he said, we got really confused of what he was talking about, there was a moment of silence but the woman spoke "what are you saying?" she asks as the parson points at the sky "the green flash in the sky! these demons were here all along, in our hearts and souls! just waiting for a sign from him and now they are destroying our world!" he said to us as we got confused of what he was talking about, i knew he was a religous man but was in a panic state, but his wife just stared for a moment until she finally spoke "he's delirious!" she said as they started to argue but i intervived the argument as i placed my hand on his sholder "now put yourself together! what good is religion when it fails you on calamity!" i said to him as he showed worried look on his face "it was i who failed? after all my promises, i can't help the people when they needed me?" he asked as he started questioning me of what he would've done to help other and his religion. i pated on his sholder to comfort him "take heart, we will have another chance again, and now we must leave here now!" i informed them as they nodded, the wife of the parson looked around her suronding until she spotted a building still intact "look a building still standing! come nathaniel quickly?" she says as she grabs his hand and start pointing at the building still standing, it was a flower shop. we took shelter in a flower store and black smoke spread heavily, then a new kind of fighting machine came across the city spraying jets of steam to turn the smoke into thick black dust! we had to wear gas masks to protect ourselves from the black dust, but protection came at a price, it was very hard to see in the mask, you can't see anyone or talk to anyone, but i know that the parson and his wife were still next to me but when your wearing a gas mask there's nobody. as the black dust slowly cleared, as the tripod started moving far from us and then there came a group of five metal hermit spiders scouting the area for survivors. the three of us knew we had to keep cover from being seen and kept very still as a statue, even though i couldn't hear a thing while i was wearing a gas mask, yet i started hearing muffling howls of the martian tripods as they marched by us.


George Wells/narrator POV:

finally the black dust cleared, we took our masks off and we sat in the flower shop, but the parson's peeked into the winows from inside of the  the window and spoke to herself "dear god help us!" she said as she sat there and started praying, then i notice the parson started speaking and mumbeling and then he shouted "the vice of the devil is here on our land!" he said as caught his wifes attention.

"Listen, do you hear them drawing near
In their search for the sinners?"
"Feeding on the power of our fear
And the evil within us?"
"Incarnation of Satan's creation of all that we dread"
"When the demons arrive those alive would be better off dead!

There must be something worth living for
There must be something worth trying for
Even some things worth dying for!
And if one man can stand tall
There must be hope for us all
Somewhere, somewhere in the spirit of man

Once there was a time when I believed
Without hesitation
That the power of love and truth could conquer all
In the name of salvation
Tell me what kind of weapon is love when it comes to the fight?
And just how much protection is truth against all Satan's might?

There must be something worth living for
There must be something worth trying for
Even some things worth dying for
And if one man can stand tall
There must be some hope for us all
Somewhere, somewhere in the spirit of man

George Wells/narrator POV:

the parsons wife walked over to him and does her best to comfort and calm him "nathaniel please calm down, it wasn't your fault that this happend? people loved you and trusted you! they had came here for help!" she said to him as he looked at her and started to speak "did i warn them that this would happen? Be on your guard, I said, for the evil just never rests! i told them exorcise the devil, but no they didn't listen, the demons inside them just grew and grew until Satan gave his signal and destroyed the world we knew!" he yelled, but knew if he keept on shouting i feared that we'll be found and captured or worse killed. so i came over to them and sat close to them and offeered the parsons wife support to comfort him, in fact deep inside i feel that there will be hope "please parson, just quiet down now, i know how much your religions ment so much to you, but their machines are just too strong to fight against, however i asure you if the martians are mortal they might have mortal weaknesses we will figure out a way to fight back!"

No Nathaniel, oh no, Nathaniel
No Nathaniel, no, there must be more to life
There has to be a way that we can
Restore to life the love we used to know
(No) Nathaniel, no, there must be more to life
There has to be a way that we can
Restore to life the light that we have lost

Now darkness has descended on our land
And all your prayers cannot save us
Like fools we've let the devil take command
Of the souls that God gave us
To the altar of evil like lambs to the slaughter were led
When the demons arrive the survivors will envy the dead!

There must be something worth living for
(No, there is nothing!)
There must be something worth trying for
(I don't believe it's so!)
Even some things worth dying for
If just one man could stand tall
There would be some hope for us all
Somewhere, somewhere in the spirit of man

George Wells/narrator POV:

there was moment of silence from the parson until he spoke "Forget about goodness and mercy, they're gone!" he said as he continued to mumble and speak to himself.

"Didn't I warn them?"

"Pray, I said!"

"Destroy the devil, I said!"

"They wouldn't listen! I could have saved the world!"

But now it's too late, too late!

No Nathaniel, oh no, Nathaniel

No Nathaniel, no, there must be more to life

There has to be a way that we can

Restore to life the love we used to know

(No) Nathaniel, no, there must be more to life

There has to be a way that we can

Restore to life the light that we have lost


No Nathaniel, oh no, Nathaniel


No Nathaniel, No Nathaniel

oh no, Nathaniel


George Wells/narrator POV:

as the parsons wife did her best to bring her dear husband, there was a flash of green light in the sky within the clouds and thats when i realized that it was a cylinder entering our atmousphere, but it seemed that it wasn't going to land on the remains of the church, it looks like its about to land right. . . thats when it filled my senses with alarm, i shouted to the couple "everyone take cover now!" i yelled as the cylinder was about to appeare i took cover in another room, but the parson stood there until his wife pushed him out of the way of the cylinder as it land on the ground, but it seemed to have skitted into the shop but it caused some damage and rubble. i shook the parson to check if he's still alive, so then i checked his pulse and there is indeed a pulse. the parson got on his feet and spoke with shock "Dear God! A cylinder's landed on the house And we are underneath it, in the pit!" he said in fear as started praying again, then i notice something was missing, but it wasn't something. . . it was someone. . . the parsons wife! i looked around the remaining parts of the shop and started to look every part, but under the rubble, so i started digging from it. when the cylinder opened, the Martians spent the night making a new machine. It was a squat, metallic spider with huge, articulated claws with tentecles, But it, too, had a hood which a Martian sat inside, I watched it pursuing some people across a field, then It caught them nimbly and tossed them into a great metal basket upon its back. then i went back to digging in the rubble and notice there was an arm, kept on digging and dug the whole body from the rubble and i checked her for a pulse, then i checked her heart beat . . . there was nothing, the parsons wife sacrificed herself to save her husband from the cylinder. i heard the parson shouting and i went over to him and carried his wife's body, i felt sad for the poor woman, i knew i had to inform parson of his wife "parson?" i spoke as he turned his face to me and notice me carrying his wife "i'm sorry parson, she sacrificed her self for you." i informed him as he came over to me and started to hold her in his arms "Beth? . . . Beth! . . . She's dead!" he gasped in shock "it seems she must've got buried under the rubble when the cylinder landed . . . after she saved you." i said to him with sadness, the parson started screaming "Buried? Buried under the rubble! Why? . . . WHY?! Satan! Why did you take one of your own?" he exclaimed in agony with sadness.

There is a curse on Mankind
We may as well be resigned
To let the devil, the devil take the spirit of man

(beth's voice: No Nathaniel)

No Nathaniel

(beth's voice: oh no, Nathaniel)


(beth's voice: No Nathaniel)

No Nathaniel

(beth's voice: oh no, Nathaniel)


George Wells/narrator POV:

As time passed in our dark and dusty prison The Parson wrestled endlessly with his doubts, His outcries invited death for us both - and yet, I pitied him.

Chapter 10: Red weed pt 2Edit

George Wells/narrator POV:

Aug 21, 2018

it's been eight days since we been trapped in the remains of the flower shop and the parson continued endlessly with his mumbling and chattering, but to me it became very hard to write in my journal. but then i looked out the peek hole in the remains of the flower shop and notice the red weed started to spread more rapidly and i found particles of blood on my hands, yet i wasn't bleeding or injured, then i thought if it isn't my blood, who's is it? i continued to look into the peek hole and saw there was martian machines spraying stuff into the city, it was as red as blood, then i realized that it was the blood from the victims they captured and collected. i was rather shocked of what i had realized so i began wiping my hands on a piece of cloth i found.

George Wells/narrator POV:

Aug 22, 2018

then on the ninth day, the parson and i saw the martians eating. inside of the hood of their new machine they were draining the fresh living blood of men and women, and injecting it into their own veins, the parson exclaimed "its a sign! i been given a sign . . . they must be cast out and i have been chosen to do it . . . i must confront them NOW!" he said as he tried to dig himself out and i knew he would cause attention to the martians, so i try to keep him under control "parson you can't . . . you'll be killed" i informed as i grabbed him by the arm but just kept on shouting "those machines are just demons in another form!" he yelled as i try by best to calm him "parson just please calm down?" i asked him, but he still kept on chattering "i shall destroy them with my prayers!" he yelled, i feared that the martians might hear us "parson please just be quiet . . . they'll hear you" i begged him but he still kept on chattering and yelling "i shall burn them with my holy cross!" he yelled till i demanded him to be silent "parson just shut up!" i yelled, but he still won't listen, "i shall ..." just when he was about to say something else i immediately knocked him unconscious when i shouted "no parson NO! (smack)" i yelled and with that he was down but not dead, but then there was a silence then i felt vibrations in the ground and then i noticed a curious eye of a martian appeared in the peek hole, but before it even spotted us i dragged the unconscious body of the parson with me where it couldn't see us. then the eye of the martian just disappeared then there was a silence, then i felt the ground vibrate and saw in the peek hole where flashes of light and the grew bigger and then a menacing claw explored the remains of the room. i then dragged the parson to another room and then i heard the martian messing with the knob, it understood doors. in the darkness i can see the claw, it appears to have squid like tentacle and notice it was touching things, walls, rocks, wood and then it touched my shoe. i almost shouted, i do my best to keep quiet but for time the claw was still and then with a click it griped something, but it wasn't me the claw gripped it was the parson, with slow movements his unconscious body was dragged away and there was nothing i can do to prevent it. i felt guilty as i was the parson being taken into the outside. i took a peek into the hole that the claw made and saw the new martian machine i looked through the peek hole and watched the claw of the martian machine starts passing the unconscious body of the parson, at that very moment he was dropped into the basket on the machines back. it was storming outside, but the red weed started to not just spread, but grow larger as if it was becoming a tree but then i notice that the body of the parsons wife, i felt guilty of her abducted husband then i decided to bury her body well. i started to dig a hole in the shape of a rectangle, that way her body would fit, after i made the hole i gently carried her body and placed it into the hole and covered her body in soil and garden dirt which was very perfect for flowers to grow, as for the flowers i placed some blue flowers on her well made grave and payed my respects to her. but then as night arrives i heard of martian machines making their way on the red weed covered streets, scavenging for any dead corpses. i started writing in my journal of how things been since i was trapped in the remains of the flower shop, yet i got distracted as i notice that the red weed started to grow more and get more smoother with stuff growing on them, yet i started to wonder, if the martians feed on human blood then why would they start gardening plants on earth? this question just got me curious but then there was more coming into my head like bubbles in can of carbon soda. Why didn't we see any martians on mars when we sent probes there, why would they invade earth now, but then something hit me . . . a theory. This was my theory:

maybe 100,000 years ago when man had hunted in the realm of the mammoth, the martians must have used up most of their natural resources and in the process leaving mars into a cold dry desert planet. now mars is on the last state of exhaustion and causing temperatures on the surface to go far below zero, even at its equator. so as a last resort the martians searched across our solar system for a habitable world which they could migrate to, but where did they go? even though i was in science class i learn so much about the solar system from my teacher Ogilvy, that's when i started learning the planets in order from inner to outer system as a whole, if the martians learned so much of our solar system then they might have learned of their conditions and gravity even the effects that was caused to them.

first planet closest to the sun is mercury, a planet of dramatic extremes, the sun has already robbed all of mercury's atmosphere, even if its close to the sun the temperature rises on mercury's surface to melt most metals as if they were wax. but at night with no protective atmosphere the temperature plummets until it is cold as liquid nitrogen, although the suns gravity attracts passing asteroids and meteors, which is why mercury is covered in huge craters . . . the martians can't go there.

the second planet of the sun is Venus, earths twin sister planet, its been given many names, but its the brightest planet and always visible in the morning and evening, but its brightness is fueled with an atmosphere that is toxic with carbon dioxide and gases which covers the planet. but NASA was able to sent probes on Venus's surface and sent satellites into its orbit, on the surface of Venus was a rocky surface with weather of high speed winds and rain storms of burning acid. most parts of Venus are covered with areas that are dangerous, with permanently active volcanoes, its brimstone with nearest sulfur would get you to heck, but as for the acid rain, it can burn holes into metal but there was a NASA probe that was able to survive however it lasted no more then an hour. . . too deadly for martians to live on.

Their nearest neighbor is giant Jupiter, where there are weather storms with hurricanes and tornadoes, the the temperature is high and an atmosphere filled with chemicals that are toxic to many things that enter its clouds that are filled with radiation and gases. it even has large gravitational pull so strong that it can crush em, but it even has a magnetic field that can cause activity on some of its moons like Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, the effects on Io is terrible causing permanently active volcanoes but it seems hard to understand Europa and the other ice moons orbiting Jupiter, however the atmospheric pressure on Jupiter surface is terrible, thousands of pounds per square inch . . . the martians couldn't go there.

yet i started to wonder if the martians ever considered Saturn, an attractive world with its beautiful rings, many moons and cosmic dust but its temperature is close to 273 degrees below zero where its atmosphere is frozen 5,000 miles deep on its surface and is cold with arctic weather. . . it seems the martians can't go there.

they couldn't even go to Neptune or Uranus two sister gas giants in eternal night of potential cold, both surrounded by an UN-breathable atmosphere of methane gas and ammonia vapor.

they couldn't go to Pluto, farthest planet from the sun, its so cold that its water and atmosphere lies deep on its surface but it doesn't even have air.

until i suddenly started to think of the dwarf planets but its very uncertain if they landed on any of them.

out of all the worlds that they seen and studied, they came across our warm earth, which was green with vegetation, bright with water and possessed a cloudy atmosphere with perfect weather. but it was populated with human beings. then more questions floated in my head again, Why didn't the martians invaded earth so many years ago when they had the chance, probably because there weren't enough humans to use as fertilizer for their red weeds. so that's when i understood they might have migrated to another planet in another solar system, but why invade earth now when they already have a new home to thrive on? this got me very confused but then i fell asleep.

George Wells/narrator POV:

Aug 23, 2018

i woken up next morning on the tenth day of my imprisonment and i went to look outside into the window but was hard to see due to the red weeds covering the glass. so i went to look into the peak hole but it too was covered in martian red weed vines, but then i moved them out of the way that way i could get a better look outside, yet i was in for a shocking sight right before my very eyes, the martians and all of their machinery are gone, but the cylinder that landed on the store was still here, trembling I've dug my way out of the red weed covering the hole and out of the rubble then climbed on to the top of the mound, but there was nothing in the area . . . not a martian in sight. the day seemed dazzling bright after my imprisonment and the sky glowed blue, red weed had covered every scrape of ground, but something was different about the red weed that got me curious, there were dozens of trees made from the red weed and other types of plant life that have covered Manhattan, the city has now become a red martian forest, but a gentle breeze kept it swaying and oh the sweetness of the air. i looked around my surroundings and observed the martian tree that was made from the growing red weed. the tree was soft on the bark and it felt smooth and wet as the skin of the stingrays, but it was as hard as wood yet it had branches on it and they grew as long as a car and fast as the red weed grew. then something was blossoming in the branches of the trees, it was some form of alien flowers, they were as red as roses. they seemed to haven't grown any food yet. i looked at the streets and see some form of bushes growing on the sidewalks and streets, they seem to be developing their own thorns in the leaves that are sprouting in the vines, but it seems like gardening, but only in a very horrific way, yet on mars there wasn't enough resources to grow these plants with, only because these plants only grow from water from rain, rivers, lakes and oceans or blood of living creatures like cows humans chimps and other animals. but due to their water already depleted long ago, it got harder for them to survive, then i started to think this race of extraterrestrials must have been very desperate, but the most savage species of sentient beings. i then decided to head back to new jersey but most of the bridges were destroyed so i thought of the George Washington bridge, which might be the only bridge intact so i then started to head north and notice there were a fields of flowers from the red weeds growing on the streets, the flowers appeared to be brown and hot pink color. then i suddenly felt something under my feet that was soft as sponges, i observed the ground to find spongy masses of dark brown vegetation that resembles moss, but it was wet from the rain and blood that was sprayed from the martian machines. this must be how this type of flower drinks its nutrients so that it would grow more and spread even faster, yet they seem to be imitating earth plants but in a different  then i remembered that i had my camera in my pocket for a long time, but it might be okay to take photos of what i seen. after taking photos, i began walking down the road and i started to think this is going to be a very long journey to new jersey.

Chapter 11: Travels to the ruins of new jerseyEdit

George Wells/narrator POV:

several hours passed and i came across the remain of a half destroyed handing machine which seemed to have exploded partly from inside, yet it seemed so familiar to me, but i then pushed on until i reached the George Washington bridge, it seemed to have less martian plant-life, but there's barley any cars around and i kept on going. after i crossed the bridge, I've wandered to the south which seemed to be sprouting with martian red weeds in the trees and covered the stores and buildings. but as i walked right before i could reach 28th street that was a few miles close John F. Kennedy Blvd i spotted a martian fighting machine hovering over some kind of building. so i felt that the martian tripod would see me if i go down the road of John F. Kennedy Blvd, so as what any person would do in a situation like this, i would have to sneak past it and new just how do it. i decided to hide behind the buildings across 27th street but i had to keep myself from being seen by the martians that are close by. then i sneaked by 26th st and it guarding over the side of union city high school or what was left of it? but the tripod is still moving as it used some kind of tentacle to explore the inside of the building by enter though the window from outside. its as if it were probing the school and i was curious of why it was doing just that. since it was distracted cause of the probing of the building, so i hid behind the schools front building, then i looked into the glass door and looked with caution and saw the martian robot tentacle moving around the building, as if it was searching for people inside it, but then i saw there was some kind of eye on the tip of the tentacle, which seemed to be as big as a baseball and then i understood that this was a searching scope tentacle. of what purpose it had, i learned it was made like a television camera, a robot arm and an ROV mixed, to search for anything that moves and examine the area. but to be safe i had to keep out of the sight of the probe inside the building and the tripod outside the building. i knew i had to keep quiet and to stay still without any sudden movement, but then i heard sounds of martian machine walking right by my left side of the building, then appeared a foot of a martian fighting machine and it moved past me and thank heavens i wasn't seen, then i went inside the school building and then i notice there was school was empty of its metal and most of its pipes and many of the metal objects that were taken by the martian harvester machines, and after wards i went outside and past the Roosevelt stadium and saw there was remains of a passenger plane from an airport somewhere, but it seemed that most of it was covered by the martian red weed but as i was walking i notice that there were some places that the red weed hasn't covered yet and thank heavens i was able to remember the way now. as i wandering though John F. Kennedy blvd, there were houses and neighborhoods that were in smoking ruins but was slowly developing martian plant-life and that's when i caught sight of something i haven't seen before. it was some kind of scout of but it had a martian on top of the head of the machine, yet as for the martian scout of walker, it stood 20 feet tall but it was something different from the metal hermit spiders. it too walked on three legs and then it started moving into the streets, quickly i hid behind a house close by me. yet i fear the scout tripod would find me, but thankfully it hasn't and now it just disappeared. knowing that the coast was clear i ran down the route that i had taken and half an 30 minutes later i came across Leonard Gordon park, once a leafy urban space and now a scorched grass and red weed covered land of alien flowers blooming in the sunlight, but then i notice up ahead  was a pizza restaurant called 'pizza express' but then i a group of three metal hermit spiders scouting the area and its streets. before the deadly machines could see me, i made a mad dash into 'cliff st' and into 'liberty ave'  and i rushed into 'sunny farm berries and veggies' store and was able to get inside and fill myself of my tiring travel back to rabbit rd, but reaching it was going to take a very long time. after i finished eating, i looked outside and saw that the metal hermit spiders were gone and i immediately went outside looked around me and no metal hermit spiders so continued into John F. Kennedy blvd again and headed south. afterwards i reached st Paul ave and made a right turn into it, but then i make a left turn onto James ave and when i reached Newark ave and headed forward, up ahead was hackensack river which seems to be free of red weed, but then i notice there was a building planet on the other side of the road over the river but on the right side of it was a field of red weed and it was slowly transforming the land into a strange martian jungle. i kept on going across the road on the river and when i reached the other side of the road i was surprised that there were dozens of burned corpses close to the building walls but then i saw there was red weed trees behind the towering corn plant. finally at last i reached Newark-jersey city turnpike so then i kept on walking, toward a restaurant called taco bell and it seemed to be covered in dark red vegetation, then i pushed on towards Harrison ave and there stood a building or what was left of it and i kept on going. an hour later i reached another neighborhood, yet it was in ruins and now being consumed by the fields of the red weed. but as i kept on going I've notice that the way into Newark was blocked by the thick trees of red weed which has continued to spread across new jersey and new york so i made a right turn into the north of new jersey onto kingsland ave and passed by Harrison high school which is still intact but deserted and i hurried onward. after that i came to west Hudson park which is completely covered by the red weed that has been able to take form of alien ferns of sorts, then i made a left to central ave and kept on going. as i continued onto the road i reached clay st over passaic river which was smothered in blood that was feeding the red weeds growth. i felt a shiver up my spine with nervousness and looked at my surroundings but there seems to be no martians around the area so i cross over the clay st and went north to passaic street. then i made a left turn to Clark st, until i went onto Broadway and made a left to park ave, after that i went into lake st where i came across of the remains of Branch Brook Park and on the ground was a black powder which i assumed to be the dust from the black smoke and in the distance i saw that there were few dozen martian machines moving in the distance over miles of martian red weed and alien vegetation already covered every scrap of ground. then i went back to park ave and went into Clifton ave and made a left turn onto 8th ave and then turned right to nesbitt ave and continued onto sussex ave and into central ave and next to me was a museum with seem to be covered with red weed and black dust piles then i turn south and onto Washington street. and after that i came into a city of which appeared to be newark.

Chapter 12: Jeffery the artillaryman Returns/Brave new worldEdit

George Wells/narrator POV:

again, i was on my way into Newark, a city that seemed to be demolished, but reduced to blackened ruins, it was totally silent desolated and deserted. only the red weed lived, along with its blooming red martian forests, i felt a sense of dethronement, a realization that i was no longer a master, but a puppet under martian domination. humanity's empire had passed away, taken swiftly and without era by these creatures who were composed entirely of brain. unhampered by the complex systems which make up man, they made and used different bodies according to their needs. in the sexual world, they went without mating and without the emotions that arise between man and woman. they never tired . . . they never slept . . . and they never suffered, having long since eliminated from their planet, the bacteria which caused more fevers, cancers and other mobilities. but as i passed by a house, i was halted by a demanding voice "HALT! who goes there?" the voice said as i turned to see the source of it and saw was a man lurking in the shadow of a building but he was carrying a knife in his hand. i calmly informed him that I'm not going to harm him "relax i was just passing by . . . I'm a friend." i informed him as he slowly walks forward to me "be on your way, this is my country and my territory!" he yelled at me as stood there confused of what he meant "your territory? what do you mean your territory, who are you?" i asked him as he paused for a moment, then there was a silence between us "wait a minute . . . ?" he spoke as he lowered his knife and slowly walked into the light, then my eyes widened in amazement, as his face entered the light he spoke "its you . . . the journalist from rabbit hill rd." he said in relief and amazement. i was very surprised myself to see a familiar face of a man who i presumed to be dead "good heavens, Jeffery flint ... the artilleryman, your alive! i thought you were surly burned?" i said in relief as he started to speak "and i thought you surly drowned?" he said as patted my shoulder. i looked at the remains of the building he was hiding in "is this your place?" i asked, as he nodded his head "well it is now!" he said to me as i chuckled with amusement, but then i started to look at my surroundings and i looked to Jeffery face to face "did you see any martians?" i asked him as he nodded his head again "yep . . . everywhere, i saw a few martian tripods carrying something from the airport . . . i think their trying to learn how to fly?" he informed me as my eyes widened "wait! did you say. . . fly?!" i asked, until he nodded for the third time "yep . . . fly and we're done for alright!" he said to me, i stared at him concern "you mean the war is lost?" i asked with worry until he spoke "there never was a war, there's no war between men and maggots, and that's what we are now . . . maggots and this is an extermination!" he exclaimed to me as i felt worry build in me "we can't just give up!" i said, until he spoke up "of course we can't give up! but squealing and panicking don't help. i been in sight of death before and you know what comes though? . . . the man that keeps on thinking!" he said to me as i notice the look on his face, its as if he had a smart idea, but this is different from any form i seen. "what brought you to Newark?" i asked as he welcomed me inside and then he spoke "what brought me to this ruin city was thinking . . . everyone was rushing away, so i headed right for the martians, like a pigeon that goes for the bread and now people are starving in heaps out here, dreading and fighting amongst themselves. yet i have everything i need ... until the martians are ready?" he said to me as this got me very curious " ready? ready for what?" i asked as he stood up and spoke to me "the next stage my friend . . . bringing all the rest of their people and after that they won't be harvesting our dead bodies and catching us alive one at a time. they'll do it systematic, by laying traps for us, becoming stored in cages and things. but we'll have to fix up a new kind of life for ourselves because now its time we start fighting, not against them because we can't win, but now we got to fight for survival. i reckon we can make it and there will be none of your handy civilization stuff, that games over." he said to me in a brave tone, but for me it was very confusing for me to understand "but what is there to live for?" i asked me "THE BREED! man! we can't let ourselves be caught and fatten like cattle!" he said to me in a demanding voice, i felt this got me more confused and curious, but i had to know what he was thinking in his head. so i took a deep breath and spoke "then how can we prevent the martians from doing just that?" i asked him in a curious tone, that's when i notice a smile on his face "i got a plan." he said to me. then he stood up and spoken again "We're gonna build a whole new world for ourselves. Look, they clap eyes on us and we're dead, right?" he asked as i became silent as he continued telling his plan "So, we gotta make a new life where they'll never find us. You know where? Underground. You should see it down there, hundreds of miles of drains, sewers and subway tunnels. sweet and clean now after the rain, dark, quiet, safe. We can build houses and everything, start again from scratch. And what's so bad about living underground, eh? it's not been so great living up here, if you want my opinion." he informed me as i become very concerned of his plan for rebuilding a world.

Take a look around you at the world we've come to know

Does it seem to be much more than a crazy circus show

Maybe from the madness, something beautiful will grow

In a brave new world, with just a handful of men,

We'll start... we'll start all over again!

All over again!

All over again!

All over again!

i just stood there listening to jefferys plan and he keep on going "We'll build shops and hospitals and barracks, right under their noses, right under their feet. Everything we need: banks, prisons and schools. We'll send scouting parties to collect books and stuff, and then like you we'll teach the kids. Not poems and rubbish; science, so we can get everything working! We'll build villages and towns, and... and we'll play each other at cricket! Listen, maybe one day we'll capture a fighting machine, eh, learn how to make 'em ourselves, and then: WALLOP! Our turn to do some wiping out! WHOOSH! With our heat ray! Whoosh! And them running and dying, beaten at their own game, man on top again!" he exclaimed as he raised an arm into the air, though it seems very amusing.

Now our domination of the earth is fading fast,
And out of the confusion a chance has come at last,
To build a better future from the ashes of the past,
In a brave new world, with just a handful of men,
We'll start all over again!

Look, man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave,
In cages of convention from the cradle to the grave,
The weak fall by the wayside but the strong will be saved,
In a brave new world, with just a handful of men,
We'll start all over again!

I'm not trying to tell you what to be,
Oh no, oh no, not me...
But if mankind is to survive, the people life alive,
They're gonna have to build this world anew
And it's going to have to start with me and you... YES!

I'm not trying to tell you what to be,
Oh no, oh no, not me...
But if mankind is to survive, the people left alive,
They're gonna have to build this world anew
Yes and we will have to be the chosen few...

Just think of all the poverty, the hatred and the lies,
And imagine the destruction of all that you despise,
Slowly from the ashes the phoenix will arise,
In a brave new world, with just a handful of men
We'll start all over again!

Take a look around you at the world you've loved so well,
And bid the aging empire of man a last farewell
It may not sound like heaven but at least it isn't hell
It's a brave new world with just a handful of men,
We'll start, we'll start all over again!
All over again! All over again! All over again!

it was hard to think how long he thought this up, but it was hard to tell it was amusing, curious or even concerned but i was uncertain if his plan would work "Can't you just see it? Civilization starting all over again! A second chance! Heh- we'll even build a railway and tunnel to the coast, go there for our holidays! Nothing can stop men like us! I've made a start already. Come on down here and have a look." he asked me as i followed him into the remains of the room and in the room which seems to be a homemade cellar, and surrounding it was rocks and concrete rubble. when he opened the cellar, my eyes widened . . .  he wasn't joking at all "this is it George my good man, its about a long way down there. come on my friend" he asked me as i followed in into the cellar. In the cellar there was a tunnel scarcely ten yards long It had taken him a long time to dig. "so what do you think my friend? you think i was bluffing?" he asked me as i just stared at the tunnel, but then i spoke "i . . . yes . . . i was at first but . . . how long have you been doing this?" i asked him "well it taken me about . . . how should i say this . . . for about a week i guess." i just stood there speechless. I could have dug that much in a day, and I suddenly had my first inkling of the gulf between his dreams and his powers. Jeffery then sat in a chair which has been in her for a day or so "It's doing the working and the thinking that wears a fellow out. I'm ready for a bit of a rest. How about a drink, eh? Nothing but champagne now I'm the boss, but since i know you don't drink any alcohol i guess your in luck, cause i was able to get some bottled water." he said as he offered me water, i kinda smiled and sat with him.we drank, and then he insisted upon playing cards. With our species on the edge of extermination, with no prospect but a horrible death, we actually played games. Later he talked more of his plan, but I saw flames flashing in the deep blue night, red weed glowing, tripod figures moving distantly, and I put down my champagne glass. I felt a traitor to my kind, and I knew I must leave this strange dreamer. "hey . . . don't tell me your leaving as well?" he asked as i then suddenly stopped in my tracks, was there someone here meeting Jeffery before i even got here? i turned to face him and asked him "what do you mean by 'me leaving as well?' are you talking about yourself or . . . someone other?" i asked him as there was a moment of silence between us but Jeffery was the first to speak "someone other . . . why?" he answered me as i stood there surprised "was it a he or she?, did this person say where he's from or even tell his name? what was he doing here and just leave?" i asked him, as Jeffery tries to calm me "whoa my friend just relax, yes its a guy, he claims he's from Princeton, he says he's looking for people and i guess he left because he wasn't interested in my plan. do you know the guy?" he asked me as i took a moment to think "to be honest the only people i know in Princeton are my teacher Ogilvy and . . . Richard Pierson!" i said as my eyes widened with amazement . . . Pierson is still alive. Jeffery the artilleryman just stood there as he heard me say the name "did you say . . . Richard Pierson?" he asked me as i nodded, Jeffery grabbed me by the shoulders and shouted with hope "Richard Pierson is alive?! we still have a chance!" he said in excitement, i felt that he was happy to meet Pierson in person without even knowing it. i was even surprised myself to learn about Pierson being alive, but i knew that i had to find him, but then i feel that Jeffery has been all alone all his time here. then something came to me, the woman at the inn in new york already caring for the two siblings, but then another memory of the loss of both the parson and his wife in new york city. so i felt that as i friend i could make things worth it for him. i walked over to him and took a deep breath "Jeffery . . . there's something i have to tell you, i have a few friends in hiding at the wall street inn, that's in new york city. would you like to come with me to new york to meet them? who knows they might be able to understand you?" i asked him as he stood there silent, then i notice a smile on his face and he nodded in agreement. as we went outside in the open, he left a flag with an American symbol. then afterwards he then came along with me on the journey to new york city and hopefully we won't get separated this time, but i felt that if we do arrive at new york city, we would have to part so i would begin my search for Richard Pierson. 

Take a look around you

at the world we've come... to know
Does it seem to be much more than a crazy circus show?
Maybe from the madness

something beautiful will grow...

as we traveled along the road, Jeffery was in awe of his surroundings, the red weed had spread across the city and every last piece of ground. but when we arrived at last to the George Washington bridge it was quiet but the red weed forests and jungle is still there and it has covered ever last drop of ground and the trees were as tall as the empire state building. as we were on our way into new york and there we a few burned bodies on the road and their blackened skeletons were being consumed by the red weed. along the way i told him of what i went through including the losses of the parson and his wife "gee . . . and Richard thinks I'm crazy, but after hearing what told me i guess there are some people in this crazy world had suffered so much and already lost their sanity in the process, but it wasn't your fault George." he said to me as he placed his hand on my shoulder. finally we arrived at wall street inn and i begged to myself if their safe and as i opened the door a gunshot fired. thankfully it missed and then i heard a familiar voice "hold it right there . . . wait . . . George wells . . . I'm so sorry i didn't know it was you." she exclaimed as Jeffery came in and pointed his shot gun at her but i got between them and calm them both as they lowered their weapons down and just stared in each-others eyes, as i noticed this i suddenly had a feeling that this might be the beginnings of love. then i heard footsteps coming down stairs and i saw was the siblings i saved "Mr. wells!" they both exclaimed as they ran towards me and started hugging me, then i notice that Jeffery was feeling left out, so took the opportunity to introduce him "its good to see you all again, but i would like to introduce a friend on the way to new-york, this is Jeffery flint, he's an artilleryman who i met after the attack on grovers mill." i said as i introduced him, the young woman shook his hand and smiles as she welcomes him. "pleased to meet you mr flint would you like to sit down?" she asked him as he nodded happily as he took a seat on the chair she brought to him and she even offered a glass of water. i knew that i had to go and find pierson but just as i was about to open the door, there was knocking, and i quickly opened and saw a few people come inside the inn carrying a man. the young woman and jeffery began helping them with the body, i walked over to see the commotion and noticed around the room were children a woman and few solders, i came over to see the body they were carrying. it appeared to be a man, but when got a closer look at his face, my eyes widened with shock as i immediately recognized him... it was the parson and was still alive, but then i notice his legs were torn from his knees and was still bleeding. jeffery notices the shocked look on my face and started asking "you know this man?" he asks me as i nodded my head "yes . . . its the parson i told you about." i said to him as his eyes suddenly widened "this man, you there do you have any bandages here in this inn?" jeffery asked the young woman as she nodded in response "yes, its upstairs . . . i'll get it." she anounced as she immediatly we upstair to get the first aid kit. then i went outside to begin my search for professor pierson.

Chapter 13: Dead New York CityEdit

George Wells/narrator POV:

after i went outside of wall street inn, i went on for my search for pierson, so i started my search for him by traveling up the road, then i wandered north of williams street and into the martian forest yet it appears to be very thick but something looked diffrent about it. i took a closer inspection of the alien plant-life but its not getting moist, this was very strange to me, but then i kept on going. as i kept on walking i notice something that was even more disturbing, it was like every step i take the martian trees start to form a lighter color of red and as i made a left turn on maiden lane, it felt very quiet but then I've notice the red weed flowers on the strees were wilting and going pale and as i took my step into the wilting fields of flowers they just disintegrated to particles as if they were becoming spores or dust particles, so for precautions i put on my gas mask immediately. around me there were only just empty streets with just broken pieces of grass and ruined buildings and apartments which already been consumed by the red weed which seem to be getting a lighter color with every step i take. then i made a right onto Broadway, yet i had just found something very curious, there were bodies on the streets but not just burned bodies but there seem to be non burned corpses on the sidewalks, it seem that they been laying on the ground and suffocated by the black smoke. but then i notice that there were some other bodies on the streets but they seemed to be wearing gas masks, but i couldn't tell if they were alive but it seems like they might have ran out of oxygen in their gas masks. but as i travel up Broadway street i then notice in the sky was a shroud of dark grey clouds floating over new york city, then i kept on moving. as i walked though canal street it became hard to understand why, it felt very disturbing as i kept on walking until i made a right turn and then notice there were only a dozen more dead bodies Greene street, their outlines softened by the black dust. it all has become a stand still, but as i walked i then notice a flock of birds in the sky as they were heading north. yet as i travel i start wondering if i be able to find Pierson in new jersey, but i felt that Pierson might be in a different location by now, since i wasn't able to ask Jeffery of when he first saw him, it just got very hard for me to find him. so i started wandering across. it became so quiet as i made my way on the road, all was very still, apartments were locked and empty. many shops and malls were closed, but it appeared there were glass scatterings on the streets and in the building there were dead bodies of looters and robbers who had just helped themselves to wine and food before the martian smoke machines made their way across town and suffocating them with the black dust in the air. as i arrived at the lower part of Manhattan in new york city there was a jewelry store called Tiffany and Co. outside the store there were some gold chains and a watch were scattered on the pavement. as i traveled onto broadway street the stillness grew even more perfound, it felt like an odd unnerving feeling of suspense as though the destruction which had anialated the city side, which might had any moment strike these great buildings in the heart of new york and leave all in smoking ruins.


George Wells/narrator POV:

I stopped walking, then i started staring towards the sound. It seemed as if that mighty desert of towers and buildings had just found a voice for its fear and solitude.


George Wells/narrator POV:

as i made my way passed 28th street station i then notice a few martian metal hermit spiders on the west side of 28th street but then notice something that looked really strange, they were walking slowly but moving in a weird way. they seemed to be behaving erratically, what was more strange was its tentacles. its tentacles were limping while the metal hermit spiders were moving. then i caught sight of their hooded head moving left and right from side to side. it was like getting dizzy or something and they kept on walking into the west of 28th street. afterwards i then kept to the road onto the west of 30th street and saw the metal hermit spiders again and they were still acting strange, until i made my way into 6th ave where there were empty streets of black dust covering the martian weeds, i looked to my left and saw JCpenny mall in ruins. but i kept on moving until i saw the remains of the empire state building which seemed to have been damaged by martian heatray. as i continued my way onto 5th ave, the desolating cry just worked upon my mind. The wailing took possession of me. I was intensely weary, footsore, hungry and thirsty. yet i started thinking to myself, Why was I wandering alone in this city of the dead? Why was I alive when London was lying in state in its black shroud? I felt intolerably lonely, drifting from street to empty street, drawn inexorably towards that cry.


George Wells/narrator POV:

i then made a right turn passed bryant park and made a left turn onto 6th ave and continued onwards and made another left turn onto the west of 47th street and passed the hotel times square. and made a right turn onto north of 6th ave and then made a right turn into the east of 54th street and then made a left turn onto 5th ave. but as kept going north i removed my gas mask and then i saw over the trees glittering in the sunlight was the hood of a martian fighting machine from which the howling came, i then crossed into the west of 59th street which is now a dry area of pale white vegetation which was once a wet spongy mass of dark red martian plant-life and then all of the weed started turning white, i took a piece of the pale weed and i began to notice how dry it felt, then a breeze came by and blew all the dying weed away into the air as it became a cloud of white dust and tiny feathers too small for the eye to see pushed on towards central park and while i was passing by it, there stood a second martian fighting machine, it stood upright, but it was still as the first.


George Wells/narrator POV:

Abruptly, the sound ceased. Suddenly the desolation, the solitude, became unendurable. While that voice sounded new york still seemed alive. but suddenly there was a change, the passing of something, yet i did not know what it is? except now all that remained was this gaunt quiet. I looked up, and saw a third machine. It was erect and motionless, like the others. An insane resolve possessed me: I would give my life to the Martians, here and now. I marched recklessly towards the titan and saw that a multitude of black birds were circling and clustering about the hood. I began running along central drive. I felt no fear, only a wild, trembling exultation as I ran up the road towards the monster. Out of the hood hung red shreds, at which the hungry birds now pecked and tore.

The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one he said!

The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one, But still they Come!

George Wells/narrator POV:

I scrambled up to the hill of central park, the Martian's camp was below me. A mighty space it was, and scattered about it, in their overturned machines, were the Martians, dead, undone, destroyed, slain after all man's weapons and devices had failed by the humblest and tiniest creatures which god and his wisdom had put upon this earth: bacteria. Minute, invisible, bacteria. these germs have plagued us since life first began, though millions of years of evolution we developed a resistance to them, because we earned our immunity, it was humanity's right to survive among this planet's infinite organisms, but there are no bacteria on mars, which the martians immune-systems were unprepared. Directly the invaders arrived, breathed our air, drank and fed, our microscopic allies attacked them. From that moment, they were doomed.

The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one he said!

The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one, But still they Come! YES! The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one he said!

The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one, But still...

They Come!

Chapter 14: Aftermath/ EpilogueEdit

George Wells/narrator POV:

as i stood there in the central drive, i notice someone in the distance of central park, trembling i ran down the road over to him and as i got a closer look at the person standing, i was amazed . . . it was richard pierson. then there was a moment of silence between us as we awaited of who speaks first, luckily i was the first one to speak "mr pierson your alive? i thought you were killed at grovers mill?" i said to him as he smirked with humor "i was able to survive the attack young mr. wells . . . how did you get out there?" he asked me as i stared at him, but i took a moment to think of a way to bring him back to wall street inn so i tried it "i was looking for you since i heard you were alive and well, but i was uncertian of your survival so i had to search almost every part of new york. now that i found you, i can bring you to wall street inn where everyone else are at." i asked him, he then became silent but then he nodded and we made our way back to wall steet inn. when we arrived i opened the door and entered with pierson, but there seems to be something going on with the group of people around me and then i turned to see laying on the couch, was the body of the parson. i then stared at him seeing that he was in a bad state. but he was partly alive and i saw next to him was jeffery the artilleryman "hows the parson doing jeff?" i asked jeffery with worry "its hard to say, he's alive but it seems we're..." he said to me as he went silent, i notice the sad look on his face. i then heard sounds of the parson growning in pain, as his eyes widened he started looking at his surroundings and the sun just shined into the window as he moved, then he caught sight of me and spoke "you . . . you hit my head . . ." he said to me as everyone in the room went quiet for a moment untill i started to speak "i know . . . im sorry i did that to you . . . but . . . i had to make sure the martians didn't hear us. but it seems the martians could've killed us both but they seemed to have abducted you. i thought you were killed but it seems you got lucky. in other words have some importaint news for you  . . . for all" i said as the room went silent "the martians . . . are dead." i anounced to everyone in the room. there was a moment of silence in the room and then pierson spoke "he's telling the truth . . . the martian are all dead!" pierson said as the group of people smiled and went outside to see the coast is clear of martians. as they left the only people that stayed was me, pierson, jeffery, the woman, the two siblings and the parson. but i notice the parson seems to be uncertain if i was telling the truth but as he just laid there on the couch he started looking at the sun lit window and spoke "a . . . sign . . . he has given us a sign . . . what . . . does this mean . . . has he answered our prayers? . . . have we've been delivered?!" he asked me as i smiled and nodded my head "we were all praying for our miracle . . . , seems like god hasn't left us at all. we're free . . . remember? your wife said to you that there would be hope for all." i said to him as he looked at the sunlit sky in the window, then i notice a smile on his face "beth . . . she became the only person . . . who kept faith in us all, but when i kept warning people about . . . the destruction of our world, they all ignored me . . . but i was right that the world would be taken from us all, but beth still believed there's hope. . . but when she was taken from me by those monsters, but then . . . you came and always believe there would be another chance for us all . . . but at the time after i was taken by them. . . i knew that i can still save the people, the women and children from their suffering in that deadly cage (coughing) now look at me . . . my legs are taken from my body." he said as i looked at him and i notice a tear in his eye as he continued to speak "yet it seems . . . that god has answered our prayers . . . (coughing)" parson said as he and calmly and chearfully laughed with joy. then we heard the parson started mumbleing to himself "beth . . . my wife . . . where ever you may be now. . . we've been answered by our lord and . . . have been deliverd from suffering . . . you are right . . . there is still hope for us all. . . thank you" he said as he turned his head towards me "...and you, its thanks to you all that you helped me believe once more . . . that there is still hope for us all . . . but now . . . (coughing) . . . now i . . . can be . . . at peace . . . it seems that (coughing) . . . i'll be joining beth now." he said as he offered me a cristian necklace as gift from a restored believer of god "take it . . . as a symbole of my thanks . . . to you all . . ." he said to us with his final words and then he passed away peacefully with his eyes closed. i then put on the cristian necklace the parson gave me, then i spoke "i would like to bury him at the garden shop . . . decently." i asked them as they nodded in agreement. as we all carried the parson outside and over to the area of where we were trapped but are now freed from, we as a group made a well made grave next to his wife's grave side by side. as said our respects and thanks to him and his wife for their prayers for our sakes. as we headed for the docks waiting for the boats and ferrys to return there was a silence, over the hudson river was a martian machine tripod moving  towards the shore, but it was behaving strange like the other machines in new york, due to being infected by so it might fall soon until an human aircraft arrives with two more aircraft fighters made their way to it, the two came behind then he leads them straight down to the martian machine fired at it, at that very moment the machine falls onto the shore. we all started chearing and the jets flew past us. we all started runing over to the site where the tripod had fallen, dozens of people started runing over to the remains of the bridge and there was fire around the sides of it. however some people were too busy tearing at the cockpit and even jeffery wanted to do it too, like he wanted to be the one that finds the martian pilot and rips him out of the reckage. then there was a surprise, the martian came out the hatch that was hidden on the tripod cockpit but it was a surprise for us to witness the pilot in its sickened state, it became a pale brownish color on its skin and most of its tentacles were hanging on themselves. its inner mouth beak came and started vomiting blood from its mouth and started trying to breath, but at that very moment it's slimy smooth skin started to rinkle, its eyes began to dry and swell, its tentacles dropped on themselves and the body colapsed to the ground from the cockpit entrance as blood started leaking from it. there was a silence in the group of people and they understood the dying martians, we at last found a weakness of the martians which was a microscopic virus harmless to man and now proved fatal to the invaders. jeffery started making a signal to the army and all millitary forces around the globe who are still alive and are still fighting against the martians, jeffery started to comunicate in morse-code. the message states;

{we disovered a weakness in the martian invaders and have only just begun to fall as their machines came to a stand still.}

it was a big surprise for us all yet as we arrived at ABC7 news station it seems that it is still in bad state due to the attack. but when i reached the top of the building, i found two bodies on the roof and i started to recignise them, they were just identified as sade barnard and daisy williams. after pierson examinated their bodies by x-ray at the hospital in new york, pierson explained that they seemed to have sufficated of breathing loss, due to the black dust that surrounded the air when the martians attacked new york. it was tragic of ABC7 news and as the afternoon begins we start to repair the room and it took us some time for us to fix the building up but it would take us about full day until morning.


George Wells/narrator: the journalist

Carrie Summers: george wells childhood friend and lover

Harold Ogilvy: teacher of george wells and carrie summers, assitante of richard pierson the astronomer.

Richard Pierson: famous astronomer

Daisy Williams: anchor man of ABC7 news

Sade Barnard: assistant Anchor man of ABC7 news

Charlie Phillips: reporter

Mr. summers: carries father

Wilmuth: farmer of grovers mill

Man 1

Policeman 1

Man 2

Jeffery Flint/ the artilleryman



Beth/ the parsons wife

Parson Nathaniel